Wahoo Kickr Bike No Longer Connects via AppleTV

After 2.5 yrs. of service w/o issues the Zwift App (via AppleTV) can no longer see my Kickr Bike. Issues started after last week’s update.

  1. The bike is connected to wifi
  2. Bike connects via Bluetooth w/ my iPhone (subsequently turned phone Bluetooth off so it wouldn’t create confusion).
  3. Have deleted/reloaded the Zwift app from both AppleTV & iPhone
  4. No other Bluetooth devices connected to AppleTV to cause interference

Shut off the Apple TV and test the trainer with the Wahoo Fitness app. If it doesn’t work contact Wahoo.

Oh I see it worked with the phone sorry. In that case I would try doing a factory reset on the ATV and make sure Zwift isn’t running on the phone (delete it).

Thank you Paul. Just sorted the issue by unplugging the AppleTV for a few min and plugging it back in. That seems to have forced some type of reset. Maybe even an update based on the light flashing for a bit, I’m not sure.

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