Apple TV won't recognize my trainer anymore

Can’t get Apple TV 4k to recognize my Wahoo Kickr Snap as of this morning. Worked fine since I bought it one week ago but after hours of reading about connection bugs and chatting with Zwift support (that changed into an email, which I’m still waiting to hear back)… no dice. Thinking it’s pairing with my phone instead and have been trying to unpair the zwift companion. Or with the Wahoo fitness app where it was originally paired (but still worked the first time I turned apple tv on) Whether paired with Wahoo or not doesn’t seem to help Apple TV recognize the trainer. All the similar forum topics seem to talk about workarounds for the limited bluetooth connections, but I can’t seem to connect just the trainer anymore. Any suggestions?

  1. Manually double check that your AppleTV OS is updated (tv OS 13.2)
  2. Ensure that the Zwift app can use Bluetooth: AppleTV: Settings > General > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing > Zwift : While Using the App (this is new beginning w/tv OS 13)
  3. Manually double check that Zwift is updated.
  4. Disable Bluetooth on your phone.

Start Zwift and try pairing your Kickr Snap.

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It was the Privacy Bluetooth Sharing that said ‘Don’t Allow’. Changed it back to allow when the app is running and is working again. Wonder how it got changed as I’ve been using it without issue all week.

Anyway, thanks a ton for the awesome suggestions!!