Pairing zwift play to apple tv

I got the new zwift play yesterday and I am trying to pair it to my apple tv.

My current set up is that I have my Kickr core and heart monitor paired by blue tooth directly to the apple tv. I know I have to pair the play through the companion app as the apple tv does not have enough channels. I was hoping that only the play would go though the app and keep the trainer and heart monitor by blue tooth directly to the apple tv but i cannot do this.

The only way I can get the play to pair is by connecting the trainer, heart monitor and play all though the companion app.

Is it possible to have the play paired by the app only and the trainer and heart monitor paired directly to the apple tv.

No, you need to pair everything through Companion. But I’ve been doing this for some time and it works very well.

Thanks for your reply. I was thinking that alright.

I had to do the same thing but recently have issues with Zwift finding my devices when trying to pair through the phone , it just keeps searching. My Neo, HRM and Zwift Play are on the same WiFi network. Anyone else having this issue?