How to pair devices with zC app and apple tv

Hi All,

I have a apple tv and bought Zwift play. Because of the Bluetooth connections i need to pair it through ZC app. Im already trying it for 2 days and cant get it to work. All the tutorials and topics cant seems to give me the answer.

As you can see i can (seems to) make the connection with my phone. But as you also can see it doesnt see any device or ‘zwift hub’ connection whatsoever.

I use a taxc neo 2, Wahoo tickr HR and Zwift play.My phone is on the same wifi network as my apple tv.

In the Zwift companion app (got the latest version) on Android i only see an option Zwift hardware, and that only sees my Zwift play when i active them.

How can i connect my taxc neo, tickr HR with the Zwift companion app? Do i need to pair them throught the Android bluetooth screen, do i need to pair them in the zC app somewhere else.

I also tried this on an android and iOS tablet and also both the same result as on my android phone.

#update i used the phone of my wife and there its working straight away (android as well). THe problem is probably something on my phone is bothering the connection/pairing. I already disconnected the VPN, but what else could it be?

No, make sure you don’t pair them in the Android screen. Can the Android screen see them though, just to check (don’t pair there)?

Zwift Companion is running at this point, yes?

Network permission for the Companion app?

One thing that worked for a club colleague is putting the phone into airplane mode, going into Zwift, coming out of airplane mode and then going into Companion to pair.

Hi All, thanks for the advice tried everything. Settings seem to be good.
Finally, i deleted the VPN app (Surfshark) from my phone instead of stopping it on a usual way. I also deleted all apps that i didn’t use anymore. And that did the trick!

So i guess, it was the surfshark (VPN) app still doing something with bluetooth/wifi even when stopped.

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