Apple TV, Companion App & Wahoo Core

Having a really frustrating 24 hours with my new wahoo Core. Hooked up Apple TV. Downloaded latest version of Zwift. Found Core, Tickr HRM and my Wahoo cadance. As expected when connecting third device, connects via companion app without any issue. Once connected to the companion app, regardless of which device I connect, I loose connection within 10 seconds.

I know all devices are working. Updated all drivers through wahoo app. All deceives run through my laptop without any issue.

I’ve powered down apple TV by removing power, forced stopped the companion app. Same issue is repeated

Any thoughts? I had a search on here, but can’t find anything recent.


Hi Greying Cyclist,

There are a few general reasons we’ve seen for why BLE devices like your Kickr Core won’t connect with Zwift and a few that are specific to the kind of device or mobile device you have:

General Issues

  1. Your sensor is paired to a different device. Make sure the phone, other apps, service, or devices aren’t connected to the sensor/trainer. The safe way to do this is close everything other than the Zwift Companion app that accesses BLE.

  2. You have too many BLE devices connected to your phone. Try unpairing any BLE devices (e.g. headphones, speakers) that you aren’t using for Zwift. If doing this lets you pair your devices in Zwift, try adding them back in one at a time to determine how many devices you can pair/what device is causing problems.

​​iOS Specific Issues

  • Make sure BLE is turned on in Zwift Companion app. Settings > Sensors.

  • Make sure BLE is turned on in your iOS device settings.

If your setup matches everything I’ve described above, here’s some further troubleshooting steps that will help me figure out where the problem is:

  1. Turn on Airplane mode, then turn on WiFi and BLE.

  2. On the Zwift pairing screen in game, look at your BLE phone icon in the top-left and tell me what you see and/or send a screenshot:

  • Dimly lit phone: This shows you haven’t paired your phone. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same WiFi.

  • White icon w/hazard symbol: Your phone is paired, but BLE is blocked. Turn on BLE in your phone settings.

  • Pulsating phone icon: BLE is on and should be working.

Note that most BLE enabled trainers and peripherals have indicators to show if they’re broadcasting/already paired. If all these steps don’t work, research your specific device to confirm that it’s broadcasting/accepting connections.

Give those a try and if you’re still having problems, contact us via email here:

One of our member experience agents will be happy to investigate the matter further and help troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

Thank you for the response. Will try this tomorrow. :ok_hand:

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I did as you suggested, I disconnected everything from my Bluetooth on my Phone. Only my headphones were connected via Bluetooth after everything else was connected. I was able to initially to connect to my Core, HRM and Cadence, the latter connected via the companion app.

I was doing a group workout, initially before going to the holding area everything was showing correctly. I went into event holding area, there was about 5 minutes where I was not with the bike.

When the event started, I noticed the cadence was not showing on ATV, the Companion App was showing cadence however. I noticed a ! showing next to the blue tooth icon on the Companion app, which I clicked and the ! was next to the cadence sensor.

Tonight, will try cabled headphones, but an android phone (Huawei p20 pro) should be able to run more than one Bluetooth signal.

I’ve attached a couple screen shots on the app. On apple TV the cadence was greyed out. Strava has not recorded any cadence reading for the whole workout.