Not enough Bluetooth Connections Apple tv

Trying to set up my apple tv 4k to run zwift. If i only have my cadence sensor (blue SC) and my power meter (kurt kinetic inride 3) and then try to connect the heart rate monitor (sigma Sports) it will say I have to many bluetooth connections and to use companion app.

When i try and use my companion app nothing works correctly and i end up having to restart everything. Yes i know if i had a smart trainer many issues would be solved but its almost spring and not wanting to spend the money till next year. Any help would be great. Thanks.

The ATV 4k has 3 bluetooth connections available, one of which is already taken by the remote, so you can have the power meter + either the cadence sensor or HRM, but not both. Agree that the companion app BT is flaky.

In short, you are stuck - you can either do the cadence sensor or HRM, but not both, with the ATV. If you have a iPhone/iPad/laptop with more BT connections available, you can use that - but obviously your screen size would be small, unless you share the video to ATV with mirroring.

Ya i was using the ipad mirrored to an old gen apple tv till i got the 4k for a steal on cl. guess i will go back to that and put that 4k on my good tv. oh well. I would rather use the ipad as the remote since its wifi and just let the atv remote die.

I guess I’ve never tried to see if the ATV 4k will run without the BT remote connected and running just a iphone or ipad over wifi as the remote. Maybe try putting the BT remote in a Faraday cage or far enough away and then see if it will connect your 3rd non-remote BT sensor?

@J_H_Edmund_Lee is correct that the Apple TV only allows 2 additional BT connections beyond the remote. However, you can pair additional BT devices using the companion app on a handheld device. When you first pair the device to the companion app, it will report “no signal”. If you then unpair it and repair it in the pairing screen in Zwift, it should connect properly. Pairing through the companion app with the AppleTV can be challenging.

Ya the companion app doesnt seem to be idealistic. I did just see though i can use the old gen ir remotes with the 4k as well. so there is that. I will try that tonight on my ride and remove the bluetooth one.

What are the issues with connecting through the companion app? I’ve been going through the annoying routine of connecting devices on Apple TV then my cadence sensor through the app. But ideally I could just turn on the companion app and connect everything there. Is there a good reason to not do that?

it as an extra cost but I think something like the cable Bluetooth bridge should work

you’d pair your sensors to that and then that to the Apple TV so you’d only need to connect the CABLE and your trainer to the Apple TV