Bluetooth connection issue

all of a sudden bluetooth says it can only connect 2 things to Zwift not 3 which it has been doing for the last 3 years. this means no HRM. Any ideas? please.

It would help if you also posted about your setup.


it’s a neo taxc trainer and I access Zwift through apple tv. I have used this set-up for 3 years without a problem. I watch on an older tv and I was wondering if it could be the problem as it gets it’s programs including Zwift from a router.

I ride a NEO (2T) and AppleTV. The latter has a 3-device limit, one of them being the ATV remote control itself. Your trainer is one, your HRM is another.

If you’ve recently switched to a different HRM, you’ll have to remove pairing from the old one and add back everything one by one.

Pairing the NEO as a “controllable trainer” will automatically populate the cadence and power data as well. Then add the HRM. It should remember them from then on.

thanks Otto. No, i am using the same HRM as always. Tell me more about pairing - maybe I can do the process over again and see if that works. How do you remove pairing?

This might help: Zwift on New Apple TV 4K (2021 Edition): What’s different? | DC Rainmaker

TL;DR: Unpair everything. Pair the trainer. It should auto-populate cadence and speed as well but if it doesn’t you go into those and select the trainer as well. Then pair your HRM.

thanks - will give it a try

good article, thanks. My wife also has a tacx neo trainer and we run both through the same Zwift program and i think what happened is that i scrwed up the settings when setting her bike up for her ride and it confused zwift somehow. I went into the program today and messed around with it and ended up on her bike with my HRM and it worked! After that it also worked on my bike too. So, all good again.

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