Zwift, Wahoo and Apple TV 4K

(olivier salmon (EvoTri)) #1


I just bought an Apple TV 4K.

I have a Wahoo Kickr trainer and Wahoo heart monitor, both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible.

When I set up Zwift for the first time with the Apple TV, I’ve connected my trainer (power), heart monitor, and when I tried to add the cadence sensor, it failed (too many Bluetooth connections).

I do understand this is an Apple limitation, and I wonder what people have done to work around that issue, preferably without using the Zwift companion.

Now, after setting everything up, I’ve connected a Bluetooth speaker to my Apple TV. I went back to Zwift, was able to use my devices (apart from the cadence sensor) and Zwift sound came out of my Bluetooth speaker. So why can the music be stream through Bluetooth and not the cadence ???

Thank you



(Fnu Ashwani) #2

Apple TV only has 3 available Bluetooth ports; ATV remote being one, you only get to connect 2 more devices to your ATV. As the only workaround available, you can use ZC app, if you want to connect more than 3 devices.

While most of the smart trainers come with an built-in cadence sensor, Kickr smart trainer has an external cadence sensor that is a separate device. If you are connecting a Bluetooth speaker and ATV remote, it should only allow one more device to pair via native Bluetooth (e.g. HRM, Cadence Sensor). Connecting the Bluetooth speaker should have kicked off either your ATV remote or any of the sensors.

As you explained - if you are able to connect 4 devices - ATV remote, Bluetooth speaker, Kickr and HRM together at one time, please open a support ticket with us so we can verify and investigate this further.