Apple tv gen 4 and device pairing

I pair both wahoo kickr and cadence, along with a stryd pod. Often I receive the message that apple tv has run out of bluetooth connections and would I like to use the mobile link app to connect others. Always that has been the cadence sensor. It has been cumbersome with restarts and repairing bit eventually I get the cadence sensor paired, until today. No matter what I do with pairing selections on apple tv, and the mobile link on my iOs actually showing cadence, can I get cadence onto the apple tv app. I tried multiple shutdowns and multiple pairing rounds to no effect. It is obviously frustrating because it limits functionality. Please explain if there are solutions. Apps are all up to date.

hi I also use apple tv gen 4 and zwift app will no recognise my bkool smart go trainer as a controllable device, it only recognises the bkool go as an Power and Cadence sensor and it’s so inaccurate its beyond belief. its so far out that I can’t even keep up with group rides unless I’m at full power on the big ring of my bike

Think it is ZML operating on data not wifi which it ahouldnt but will try airplane mode. The phone icon is not showing on the app.

I am having the same problem, i run out of space for Kickr, cadence and HR device. have to keep restarting the ATV4. What i found last night was to keep my iphone bluetooth turned off until I had paired all the devices I wanted (if you have apple remote on the phone I think it must pair automatically). 

Once i did that I could connect all three devices above (Kickr, cadence, HR) and then only after they were all connected I turned on the bluetooth on my phone and the companion app connected. 

Perhaps try that procedure and see if it helps?