AppleTV Bluetooth Issues

For the past week or so Zwift no longer recieves both bluetooth signals for my HRM and cadence sensor when transmitted from the HRM.

AppleTV 4K on direct wire high speed ethernet connection
Wahoo Kickr v2 (2015)
Viiiiva HRM
Wahoo cadence sensor
Wahoo TickrX HRM/cadence
Fresh batteries in all

Since the Apple TV only has 2 open bluetooth connections available, for years I have been using the Viiiiva HRM to transmit both heart rate and cadence over a single bluetooth connection. It has been issue free. It stopped working with the latest update, so I bought a new Wahoo TickrX to try and that also did not work.

I can connect the HRM separately and it works fine for heart rate only, and same for cadence only. However, as of last week the HRM can no longer transmit both heart rate and cadence simultaneously to the AppleTV.
Fresh batteries and plenty of reboots don’t help.

Updating with the response fromZwift:

“If you’re having trouble connecting the sensor(s) as you did before, it is possible that your BLE signal receives some interference, especially if you’ve tried a few different sensors. Please check this article ​ on the most common causes of such interference and troubleshooting steps.

Since, as you mentioned, Apple TV allows a limited number of devices paired at once via BLE, I would recommend you try to pair your sensor (s), using the Zwift Companion app as “a bridge”. You can find more information about it in this article​ in the section "Using the Zwift Companion App as a Bridge.”

Will update again if they respond to my reply.

Using the Companion app as a bridge is not preferred. The app is too unstable and unpredictable during a session and it is frustrating when it closes mid ride and you are left without cadence and heart rate.

Following up on this—deleted the app and reloaded it and that fixed the issue!

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