Dual zwift setups, apple TV, BLE connectivity issues

We have 2 side by side zwift setups with 2 apple TV’s. both trainers are wahoo snap. setup 1 uses ant+ cad and HR sensors connected to NPE CABLE bluetooth converter box so that the number of ATV BLE inputs remain at 3. The second setup uses BLE sensors through Companion, again to remain within the number of inputs ATV can handle. The problem is that the BLE sensors keep getting connected (or blocked) by something other than the desired ATV setup. anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the BLE HR sensor from getting snagged by the wrong device (I suspect its the CABLE device that is the culprit). I’d have to move the CABLE gizmo outside the house to be far enough not to interfere…which is possible but not convenient…removing the battery every time is impractical because it has to be reset from scratch once battery is removed. The wahoo cadence sensor doesnt seem to have this problem…just the wahoo tickr… pulling my hair out trying to make zwift setup easy and reliable… help!!! figured someone in the community might have solved this dual setup difficulty already.

thank you!


actually I tracked down the second apply tv box as the culprit grabbing the Tickr before it could be picked up by Zwift companion… can’t figure out how to “forget” a BLE devcie on Apple TV… you can do this in IOS…not ATV?