Apple TV & Zwift

(Christian Lund) #1

Hi. I’m new to Zwift and loving every minute of it. Apologies if I’m not following protocol on this forum but I’m sure people wont mind me messaging. My current set up is on a non-smart elite turbo trainer with wahoo speed and cadence sensors. It currently interacts with my iPhone 7plus and I mirror it to my large tv screen using a 3rd gen Apple TV. Will my current set up (ie wahoo sensors which I believe are Bluetooth) work with a new 4th gen Apple TV straight away or do I need to do anything extra. Any help appreciated before I go out and buy a new Apple TV. Thanks.

(Double A) #3

Should work great on native Apple TV Zwift app (no need to mirror phone) and Zwift companion app running on phone for your sensors. Enjoy!

(John Pescatore) #4

Note the “run Zwift companion app for your sensors” - since the Apple TV only allows 3 Bluetooth connections and it needs one for the Apple TV remote, you can’t get power plus cadence plus heart rate sensors to all connect to the Apple TV at once. You can easily do it on an iPhone running the Zwift Companion app, less reliable on Android phone. Since I’m an Android phone user, I went with the NPE Cable device that lets me connect all the sensors to Zwift running on ATV.

(Christian Lund) #5

Thanks for feedback. So, with 4th gen Apple TV, I’ll be able to use my existing wahoo sensors but if I want to connect my Apple Watch to monitor heart rate via zwift I need the companion. Sounds relatively easy and straight forward thanks again.

(Robert Quickel) #6

I am having a terrible time with Zwift and Apple TV. It used to work great. I use a '17 Kickr, Tickr, and Wahoo Cadence dongle and pair either the cadence or HR through the Zwift companion app on my iPhone. During my last 3 (aborted) workouts it says everything is paired including the controllable function, but the controllable function is not actually paired (don’t find out until I get to a hill). The cadence and HR frequently drop out to zero even though they say they are paired and have new batteries. It’s getting pretty frustrating to get up super early to do a workout and then to spend the hour futzing with, turning things on and off and swearing. Please help me figure out how to fix this.

(John Pescatore) #7

Check that you don’t have other Bluetooth stuff running nearby. I had similar problems when I tried to add a BT headhpone to the mix. Without that, everything is working fine for me.