Apple TV Setup

Hello, new to Zwift and would like to know in advance of purchasing additional equipment what the best setup with Apple TV is. I have used the Apple Watch + Companion via iPhone, but am considering purchasing a HRM chest strap and the Zwift Footpod in hopes of connecting directly to the ATV to eliminate connectivity issues and eliminate the middle man so to speak. Has anyone had experience with this setup? I am also considering buying the Wahoo Tickr X for this reason too. Thanks in advance!!

Hi, I have the original tickr which I found to be quite temperamental. I recently gave up on it and bought a dual band Garmin hrm which has been faultless so far.
I also connect directly to Apple TV, but cycle only so no experience with foot pod I’m afraid.

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I have an original Kickr, Apple TV 4K, and also use the Wahoo Tickr. I found the Tickr to be the best HRM I have used. I had a polar for a while, but it would constantly stop reporting my HR. Your setup sounds good, but bear in mind that the Apple TV only has 3 bluetooth connections (and one of those is the remote).

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Do you know if I would need anything else other than the Zwift Foot Pod + a HRM?

That should be all you need. The Apple TV app is pretty convenient. I’d get the 4K Apple TV, if you aren’t going to be playing games, you can get the one with less storage.


Thanks for your replies. I will try it out and see.