Compliments on AppleTV app

Did my first short ride using the AppleTV app; my compliments to Zwift – it worked brilliantly. 

One thing I did notice: I use a Wahoo TickrX HRM which ATV connected to. However when the ride was finished and I logged completely out (and shut the TV off) I think AppleTV held the BlueTooth connection to my HRM – I was unable to see the workout using the Wahoo Fitness app until I unplugged the ATV.

Not a big deal but (perhaps) something for others to be aware of.

Anyway, thanks for the new way to ride Zwift. Much easier than carrying my laptop to the exercise room (hate the Pain Cave term – riding is one of life’s small pleasures for me!).

With respect to the Bluetooth connection:

Try to close the Bluetooth connection by exiting the AppleTV Zwift app.

  • Using the Apple remote, double click the TV button (the rectangle to the right of the MENU button).
  • Then using the remote’s top swipe pad, slide over to the Zwift app, and slide up to close the Zwift app.

Thanks for point out how to quit the app. I didn’t do any research before installing/using it.

I don’t often use AppleTV – I think the remote control is awful.

I do another ride later today but, thanks to your tip, I think the problem is solved.


Mixed feelings for me on this. I was excited at the prospect of ditching my laptop which was giving much grief over the ant connection. Purchased the new 4K tv and used it just to mirror my 10.5in iPad Pro but was disappointed that it displays with black bands down each side of my monitor due to the ratio limitation of the iPad display. So I changed to running Zwift with my iPhone which displays a proper 16:9 when mirrored thru the ATV.
Naturally was keen to do away with the phone and just use the app on ATV but have been gutted to come to the realization that I can’t run my kickr2, BT cadence and BT ticker for heart rate due to limitation on BT connections to the TV it’s a “pick any 2” situation.

VERY DISSAPOINTING! When will this change?

Craig: Apple is responsible for the Bluetooth connections limit on Apple TV. They’re not catering to Zwifters.

I chose to not pair cadence since it’s less significant to me than power (required) and heart rate (significant).

I’ve read though that you can get around the Apple TV connections limit if you use Zwift Mobile Link on an iPhone or iPad. Pair your additional sensor with the ZML and it’ll show up in the Apple TV app.

How do you like the looks of Zwift on your new Apple TV? I’ve only seen it running on the previous Apple TV model.

I’m running Zwift on an Apple TV 4k 64 and it looks great!

I’ve been very happy with your port of Zwift to TVOS.  I’ve run into one issue in the Fitness/Workout screen.  I ran an FTP test a couple of weeks ago and that was fine – the app, the test not so much.  Now that I want to run some workouts, I find that I can’t get out of the two-choice FTP test drop down.  Scrolling with the AppleTV remote is limited to the long and short tests.

In macOS, you just click to turn the arrowhead for a group but that doesn’t seem to be available in ATV.

So, is there something I can do in Companion or is there a trick I don’t know with the ATV remote?


After trying something REALLY ugly involving changing settings from my iMac, I discovered that you can select the arrowhead after selecting the back arrow. At that point, click works to rotate the arrowhead and you can scroll between workout groups.