H/R problem

New user and I’m almost all hooked up except for my heart rate. My Garmin strap is working when I test on my Edge computer, but not with Zwift. My Apple Watch starts out pairing up, but seems to always drop out when I’m riding. H/R seems to be my only stubborn problem so far. Any suggestions appreciated.

What device are you running Zwift on?

I’ve tried two strategies. My first was to run Zwift on an iPad and mirror that to my Apple TV. I also plan on using the companion app on my iPhone. When I couldn’t get the Garmin heart rate monitor to work, I tried to use my Apple Watch for heart rate. That has had initial promise but failed as soon as I started to ride. I also tried to connect to my watch from the companion app and had no success with that also.

Zwift Running on iOS devices is Bluetooth only, you would need to bridge the connection with the Viiiiva HRM or NPE CABLE to get the ANT+ signal to Zwift.

I would suggest a duel band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr or the Garmin dual since chest strap HRM are far more accurate than wrist based.

Thanks for the diagnosis. I’ll start pricing bands right away. If I got the latest Apple TV, and ran the app on that instead of my iPad, would that change your advice in any way?

Nope, AppleTV is also Bluetooth only.


I wanted to report back that your analysis was right on the money. I decided to try the Wahoo Ticker because my Garmin was always a bit fussy with body contact. The Ticker seems to be much less so. Everything paired up very easily. Now all I have to do is go ride. Thanks for the great advice!