Heart rate monitor pairing

Hi all
I’m a newbie to zwift. I’m can’t seem to pair my hrm at the start of the ride. It’s a Garmin hrm tri.
The app connect to the turbo fine but when I tap heart monitor it can’t find it.
The hrm will connect fine to my watch. I’ve turned the watch off, left the watch in the house and tried again. Even reloaded the app but still can’t find the hrm. The only thing I’ve not done is change the battery but as said previously it work when connected to the watch.

Any help would be appreciated


What are you trying to pair it to? Apple TV or iPad or sth like that?
Maybe the Garmin HRM only supports ANT+ while the Apple supports only Bluetooth?

I have the same problem. Trying to pair to Mac book pro with Garmin HRM. Did you fix the problem?

Pretty new myself and wanted to connect the HR broadcast from my garmin watch.
The outcome was garmin HR chest monitors broadcast in Ant+ so you need an Ant+ dongle.
Some newer wrist HR watches (like I have) can broadcast HR in Bluetooth so I connected ok to my pc but from my HR whilst riding up Alpe de Zwift I’m not convinced it is reliable or I am an elite athlete :grin:
I’ve ordered an Ant+ dongle myself.

I haven’t heard of others I know to need this.
I have a bluetooth garmin as well. I wonder if you will notice a difference.

So the Ant+ dongle arrived, plugged it in to my laptop, opened Zwift and connected via FE-C. Turned my Garmin watch to broadcast and entered a race - Stats seemed spot on and Heart rate averaged 165 so all good.