Apple watch HRM


I am just wondering if you can use the apple watch as a HRM within zwift?

or if this will be coming in the near future?



Sure, just download the latest version of Zwift from the App Store and give it a try. 

The requirements are:

  • Must have an Apple Watch with watchOS 3.0 or later
  • Must be using an iPhone (no iPad!) with iOS 10.0 or later

You also may need to make sure the Zwift app is installed on the watch. If it’s not working open up the “Watch” app on your phone and go check the Zwift app is installed in there.

Great stuff.


Is there any way to pair the apple watch with a computer running Zwift? iPhone doesn’t have the ANT dongle so it seems I can either pair cadence or heart rate but not both using apple watch? Thanks

apple watch uses bluetooth?  If you’re using IOS device to run Zwift you will be using bluetooth via that device. It should share info with the watch and the watch should share with your device.  I have a garmin vivoactive HR.  I use ant+ on my speed, cadence and chest hr monitor. I can also tell my garmin watch to keep track of the bike ride and heart rate.  I did at first, but sometimes the device would make two different strava entries. One with chest HR and the other with my watch HR. I eventually just skipped using the garmin watch - because I wear a ant+ chest strap. 

If you don’t have a chest strap, you’ll want to pull your HR from your watch. I would suspect that the watch sends this data to a app?  Like I have  “my health” and “strava” and “Myfitnesspal” and my Garmin app all linked together. They all share data so the HR from the watch should find it’s way shared into your workout data.



I know that this officially works with the iOS using the iPhone. I’m hoping that this will be available to pair using bluetooth and an Mac soon. 

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I would like to see Mac support also.  I run Zwift thru a MacBook Pro and through a video cable to my TV. I like the big screen view.  Sometimes I use my iPhone with the Zwift Mobile Link app while on the trainer. Can’t seem to get it to see HR from the Apple Watch. Does anyone else know how to get this setup to,work?

I would also like to see the ability to pair the watch to Zwift on my PC via mobile link. My other bluetooth sensors and smart trainer already pair this way, please add the watch HR data too.

Many thanks!

I have the Apple Watch 2, it links up in Zwift yet the watch says ‘unpaired’ and HRM does read? Does anyone have a solution to this?

I’m finding the same issue as Jo Smith. The watch says “unpaired” & get no HRM readings.


Yes, how do you get the zwift app on Watch to Pair with the phone or mobilelink to provide HRM.  I too am getting the “unpaired” on the watch in the zwift or mobile link app.  

What is the difference in the two apps, zwift and mobilelink, on the watch??

Agreed to the last couple comments. We should be able to use the Apple Watch (I have the Apple Watch 2) whole running Zwift on a laptop or desktop. I don’t care about an iPad or iPhone using Zwift.

Do we know when we will be provided with an update for this?  I run Zwift on an imac desktop and using an i-watch 2, it seems like everything is there to make this a simple possibility. 

HR on an indoor trainer is a big thing for me.

Come on Zwift legends, give us a response.

I have an AppleTV Zwift (new user) setup. I cannot pair the Apple Watch to the TV because, I’ve read, Apple TV cannot accept the number of Bluetooth inputs (eg smart trainer and cadence , no more).

I’ve read the instructions on how to try to pair the Watch through the phone app, but it only pairs (transiently) if you run the Zwift *app* on the phone, as if I am logging in twice, ie the heart rate will not appear during the apple tv actual ride (but only on the phone version).  Logging in through the phone’s Mobile Link after joining Zwift and initiating a ride leaves the Watch unpaired…


Has anyone found a workaround? At present, I can only use the watch in apple workout mode to occasionally glance at a HR. Far from what I want, and preventing me from joining any races?


Am I missing something?




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I had the same issues. After I upgraded to Apple TV 4K it works perfekt. But you always need to run Zwift-Mobile link and Mobile link must be installed on the watch.

On my Apple TV Gen.4 it does not work. But I do not now why . . .