HR and zwift

My apple watch HR will pair with zwift but not show data on the screen and then can’t reopen zwift next ride.
I can use zwift without apple HR paired.

If I use my garmin HR then it will pair but not show HR on zwift. This HR strap allows me to continue to use zwift but no HR data is obtained.

I can use HR monitor with bike computer.

For some races I need dual recording so want to use bike computer with garmin HR and then watch with zwift app.

My garmin and zwift can’t be linked or only trainer power recorded.

Regardless no monitor is being recognized by my zwift app. I can’t get any HR visible on my zwift

@DEustace , I’m not an Apple guy, so can’t speak on the specifics of the Apple watch. I’ll offer some thoughts in general.

How are you connecting your Apple watch to Zwift? Are you using Bluetooth? If so, I believe you can only send a BTLE signal to one receiving device. BT is a one-to-one communication method. If you already have your watch BT paired to your bike computer, it won’t talk with Zwift also. When you look in the Zwift pairing screen, do you see the watch pairing with Zwift and showing your heart rate there before starting the ride with it already connected to your bike computer?

For the Garmin HRM, same questions. Are you using BT or ANT+. If BT you should have the same problem. If it is a Dual mode HRM, then you could use ANT+ to talk to both Zwift (if you have an ANT+ dongle in your computer) and your bike computer as ANT+ allows multiple devices to listen in on the same transmission from the HRM.