Cannot get HR from apple watch using Zwift on ipad pro


Im using the zwift app on a new ipad pro and cannot connect my apple watch for HR information. I am able to pair the zwift app on my iphone with my apple watch without problem, so this appears to be a ipad pro issue.

Bluetooth is switched on and the app is connecting successfully to my turbo trainer via Bluetooth, so trying to understand if this is an app issue?

Hi @David_Morgan4

Since you’re running the Zwift game app on an iPad, you should know about a couple quirks when using iOS with Apple Watch. Since you’re saying you successfully paired your Apple Watch to Zwift, are you saying that you’re not seeing HR data for some reason? HR data will not start sending until you start your ride in Zwift.

There are some Apple-specific quirks if you’re using Apple Health. Read here for those.

Hi, Do you folks have any update on when this bug will be corrected? Merci.