Are we giving up on Apple Watch support?

Since iOS 14, this is my experience (PC and Apple TV, experience is same):

  1. Log in to Zwift. Companion app immediately finds watch, HR is shown in pairing screen.
  2. Once I leave pairing screen and go to Zwift World selection screen, Apple Watch loses HR.
  3. I click “Ride” and enter Zwift to ride. No HR, I see gray screen on Watch.
  4. Kill the Companion app on my iPhone. Relaunch Companion app.
  5. 50/50 chance Watch will re-pair with Companion app and show green HR screen.
  6. If successful, I will ride for ~15 minutes and HR will be lost.
  7. Kill Companion app again, hope that it re-pairs with Watch. Typically takes 2-3 times.
  8. HR will work until end of ride.
  9. Once ride has ended, Apple Watch will not cease monitoring HR. Even if I kill Companion app on my iPhone.
  10. Have to go into Watch settings and uninstall Apple Watch Zwift app.

Please explain how the most popular and widely-used heart rate monitor in THE WORLD has such poor support.

Also please explain why fitness apps such as Cyclemeter (from small development teams) can successfully connect iPhone + Watch EVERY SINGLE TIME to get HR yet Zwift’s development team cannot figure this out.

Why must I go spend $80 for a Wahoo Tickr Fit because someone at Zwift does not understand how these two extremely popular devices work with one another?

it’s so annoying!!! was working fine the past year for me


Zwift has other priorities other than hiring qualified software engineers, that’s my conclusion.

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+1 this comment. I am having the same issue and this terrible App integration is killing my “it just works” Apple/Tacx flow. I have the AppleTV running Zwift na giant TV, Zwift Companion running on the iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 14.1 and the Apple Watch 6 on Watch OS7. All my apps are up to date, all OS are bang up to date. And I can’t get the same consistency as whenI’m running Trainer Road to Sufferfest. This just plain old negligence.

I’m super new to zwift and trying to digest all of the info on connecting my apple watch. I’ve been running zwift on MacOS, with the game and the companion app on my phone and subsequently, my watch. My watch sometimes shows “in game” but I’ve never seen any data show up. Why is this all so complicated?

I gave up and bought a Wahoo Tickr Fit (armband) and it works flawlessly, without drama. That’s $80 I had to spend because Zwift refuses to acknowledge nor address the fact that the Apple Watch is not really supported by their software.