[iOS] Watch os7 + iOS 14 ZC heart rate issues

Not a massive deal since I am running beta apple software but I will let you know in the first instance.

Apple Watch cellular 44m s4 watch os7 b2
iPhone XS Max iOS 14 b2
latest zwift companion app

heart rate does not sync when I pair it with PC - it flashes up but then loses signal and just says ‘UNPAIRED’.

I believe this is not me doing things wrongly I think there may need a change on one of the apps.

Obviously I know that I am an edge case but would hope for the app dev team to look at this before September when the latest iOS, apple watch OS is released etc.

Hopefully the above helps.


Using the recently released production version of IOS 14 and Watch OS 7 and having the exact same issue.

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Hi similar issues upgraded today to latest version of iPadOS and now zwift will not recognise any of my HRM (garmin and wahoo)

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