Zwift iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch setup, weird problem!

So today, this has happened before aswell, on the pairing screen when you start Zwift. Everything pairs so then when I click to choose my route I look at the watch and it says unpaired so I have to disconnect it and then reconnect.

By the looks of it it seems to be where I’m not looking at the screen, so I assume the display kinda going to sleep but I do have the always on display on, it seems to disconnect at that point so I have to reconnect it.

On today’s ride I had no dropouts for the heart rate either so it’s puzzling me.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen?

It happens because Zwift has never properly implemented the Apple Watch connection. Search e.g. for apple watch unpaired bug. I keep my HRM strap handy for those times when I give up on the Apple Watch connection.

Yeah I’ve emailed them to tell them and they’re apparently sorting it, no idea if they will but it worked today