Apple Watch not connecting? "No Signal"

(Ben Clapp) #1


I have been successfully been riding with my setup below for the past couple weeks. I do the power and cadence through the Assioma’s, Trainer through Snap, and heart rate through the Apple Watch via the companion app.

Today, however, my watch wouldn’t connect through the companion app. It would see it - but would show state “No Signal” in Zwift, and unpaired on my watch. In the companion app on my phone, I could see my watch, but it had an exclamation point on the right side of it.

I am apple to see my heart rate directly on the Apple watch via other apps (heart rate,heartwatch). So the watch isn’t broken, it’s not connecting for some reason.

Any thoughts? Does anyone else have this setup and are either experiencing similar issues or not (so I know its 100% on me)?

My setup is:
Kickr Snap (refurb’d 2017)
Assioma Duo (newest firmware)
AppleTV 4k
AppleWatch Series 4
iPhone X

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Ben, were you able to try reinstalling the Zwift Companion app and see if there were any changes for the better? Besides that, have you tried pairing your Apple Watch first before pairing anything else?

(Ben Clapp) #3

Hey Vinvent, I’ll try these two things tonight. My phone completely bricked over night, and was able to get a free replacement from Apple. So it might have been connected to this.



(Carter Hutcherson) #4

Hey Ben,

I had the same problems and also made a post in regard to this issue. When I went for my ride today (October 30th),I noticed that Zwift on Apple TV 4K received an update. I don’t know if it’s a fluke, but I had no problems at all. Hopefully the “bug fixes” were related to our issue.