Apple Watch not connecting? "No Signal"

Today I decided to not use Zwift any more because of this problem. I’m spending far too much time trying to get my Apple Watch to work each time. It’s a real shame, I’ve been a big fan of Zwift until this problem appeared. I also haven’t had a reply from Zwift Support about it.

I hope that someone from Zwift Support is aware of this problem, it would be nice to know that this problem is at least acknowledged, and then I’ll return when there’s a fix. Please give Zwift staff Apple devices to test releases on!

Zwift should update all references to Apple Watch being in Beta to “no longer compatible with Zwift”.

In the meantime, I look forward to using Apple Fitness+ soon!


I agree with Louis, these are the worst inst4uction and workaround I have ever seen. What happened to it just works. And we are supposed to go through all these steps, why the hell does the app automatically launch itself on the watch when you enter the Zwift Companion App. This is garbage.


It automatically launches itself because the code was sloppily written, not tested and then disregarded for other priorities. The Zwift employee who monitors this forum already said he doesn’t use Apple, so that’s as far as it went. In reality, this forum is simply a business technique to create the perception of support without spending the dollars to support users. Most answers are from users (most). As a user, our only option is to let sponsors know that the money they’ve spent has gone to a sub-standard supported program where user input is ignored.


Same here, worked July to about Sept/early Oct then stopped working. now it is a hit or miss and I have had to skip races because no heart rate.

Hey guys.
I am having the same issue.
Not only it says “no signal” but most of the times the apple watch is not even showing on the screen with all the devices available! Let alone when I go to the apple watch app and open it hoping it would do the trick. Nothing at all.
Only randomly I happen to have it working properly. I had no issues some time ago and now it’s a just a pain to try to pair the Apple Watch to Zwift - which I’m using on an iPad. When I’m doing Zwift session I just cannot be bother to put on my chest strap so I thought that using the Watch would have been a good compromise to keep on having HR data. Now it just works when it wants. And it’s a shame because I do like Zwift but as someone else has said I am just wasting far too much time to have the two of them talking to each other.
It is so frustrating as it was working smoothly and I even bought a bigger iPad just to enjoy Zwift better!! Now I’m kinda regretting it…

Zwift please do something!!!


Same here, someone from Zwift on this topic is very frustrating.


Also been having this issue but solved it today. I’m using iPad for Zwift, iPhone for Companion and Apple Watch. I had also put the main Zwift app on my iPhone for running, and noticed that this opened on the watch as well as Companion. I deleted Zwift main app from phone and watch and now heart rate showing again and was consistent throughout my 60 min ride. Worth a try!


Hey Gareth, did you then reinstalled Zwift on your iPhone? Or only Companion?

No, just Companion. If you do need the main app on your phone, perhaps try going in to the Watch on your phone, scroll down to “Installed on Apple Watch”, click on the Zwift app and deselect “Show App on Apple Watch”. Let me know if it works!

Sorry, just to add, I still have Companion on my phone - I just deinstalled the main app.

Cool, thanks! I will try this trick and see if it works :slight_smile:thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Gareth. This has just worked for me!

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I am having the same issue. Tried Garett’s tip and didn’t work. But I am using a Mac and using the companion app on my phone. The Apple Watch disappears every time my watch face turns off. Anyone got a clue what to do here?


Same here, removing the Zwift app made no difference.

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I started Zwifting a week or so ago. I’ve been having some trouble with my Apple Watch as well. I’ve got 2 rides where it successfully paired, one ride where I thought I paired it but it didn’t return any data, and two rides where I just couldn’t pair it and I put on my Wahoo Tickr.

The last two times I’ve got the Watch to work, my sequence was

  1. Start Zwift app on my iPad
  2. Pair trainer
  3. Select the panel to pair an HRM
  4. Make sure my Zwift Companion app on my iPhone is on
  5. Wake up my watch, hit the Zwift Companion app there if the watch hasn’t switched to it, then (if I remember right) hit the pair button on the watch app.

I’m not sure if I followed that sequence in the two rides where it failed. In those rides, I know I was staring at the Companion app on my watch, and it just said unpaired, and there was no button to press to pair the watch. On my iPhone and the Companion app there, I think on my dashboard there was a bluetooth icon. When I clicked that, I could see my watch connection there. The thing is, sometimes it would not indicate any problem, but sometimes it would say “no connection” or something similar.

I know a lot of people have been pressing Zwift to address persistent technical issues, and I honestly get that. With using the Watch as an HRM, I know you can’t really get the Watch to act as a Bluetooth HRM and connect it to your Garmin or other head unit. It’s not like a Garmin watch in this regard, and Apple isn’t designing their watch as a sports device for dedicated athletes, they’re designing it for their own ends and they have their own walled garden philosophy. I suspect that might make it hard to get the Watch to broadcast like a normal HRM.

There is an app called Blueheart, which I think is freemium and which will get your Apple Watch to send HR to your smartphone, and then get said phone to broadcast that data to, I presume, any head unit or a Peloton bike. I don’t know if that’s worth considering. I decided to just get a standard HRM anyway because using the Watch as an HRM for too long does drain its battery.

I am fairly new to Zwift, for what’s it’s worth I have been having these issues and I think have found some reliability.

My setup is as follows - all firmware and iOS bang up to date as at Dec 12 2020
AppleTV (Power, Control, Cadence)
iPhone XR (companion)
Apple Watch Series 3 (HRM)

I was having exact issues as described above - Watch was paired and seen in companion, but no signal, or if I did get one, it dropped after a minute.

Steps I took to resolve (am including some from other posts)

  1. Ensure AppleTV and iPhone on same WiFi (I needed an extender in my shed for better signal)
  2. iPhone: Ensure the Apple Health Permissions granted for Companion App (had to re-install app)
  3. iPhone: Delete Zwift app, leavibg only companion
  4. Apple Watch: Turn Off WiFi
  5. Open Companion App on iPhone
  6. Open Companion App on Watch

7. AppleTV: Open Zwift App (close it if already open)
8. On Pairing Screen make sure you select “Pair using Companion App” FOR ALL DEVICES - including the trainer and watch.
9. At this point all your devices should be paired and reporting data.
10. Close it all down and start up again to check - let it remember the previous pairing mechanism i.e. don’t interfere when it loads.
11. Check all OK
12. Ride!

Took me a few go’s but I think it was because there was a mix and match of pairing - I was selecting Bluetooth direct from AppleTV for the trainer, and BLE via the Companion app for the watch. It all needs to be paired via the Companion App. The interface isn’t particularly helpful but this is what worked for me.

Good luck!


Thanks! This helped a great deal!

( I think it is the wifi off for the watch, it was the only thing I did extra I think)

Awesome thanks. Support never worked it out for me so I cancelled my Zwift membership and I’ve checked in every couple of years. Finally the watch is working again.

I will give this a try, thank you very much.
Although I’ve been doing pretty much the same except the wifi off on the watch! I don’t have an Apple TV, I’m using an iPad. Hopefully this will work too. I tried a couple of days ago (before this answer) and it didn’t work - I ended up so frustrated I said myself never again Zwift. If I want to do just some base mileage but still want to target a specific HR zone i can’t be bother to put on my chest strap but that’s what I had to do.
Let’s keep on sharing our experiences!