Apple Watch disconnect issue


(Scott) #1

My Apple Watch heart rate monitor connects to zwift with no issues but I can’t get it to stop trying to reconnect after I’m done riding. My heart rate monitor also doesn’t switch off which kills my battery fairly quickly. Help please

(Vincent) #2

Sorry to hear Zwift is giving you some trouble Scott! Are you able to turn off your Bluetooth/place your Watch in Airplane mode after Zwifting?

(Caisa Vestlund) #3


I’m having the same problem (I think). The Zwift app keeps restarting on the watch, even if I have forced closed on both IPhone and watch. Tried turning off bluetooth, and rebooting both devices. Only thing that worked was to uninstall/install Zwift on watch.

Any advice? :slight_smile:


(Scott) #4

Thanks Vincent, I suppose I could but then my watch won’t connect to my phone for everything else.

(Luan) #5

I starting having this issue, too. Started about a week ago. I end my ride and the Apple Watch stays connected and displays “in game”. I’ve tried rebooting the watch, killing the apps on the watch, iPhone, and iPad and it still stays connected.