Can’t get Apple Watch to work

Hello all,

My setup…
Wattbike Atom connected to Apple TV. Apple Watch for HR connected via IPhone companion app. Cellular turned off on phone, connected to same wifi as Apple TV, Bluetooth also switched on.

It has all been working fine but I cannot can no longer see my HR. On the Zwift loading page it can see my Apple Watch and says connected. My BPM is 0 though. When I go to the ride the BPM is black with - - as the figures.

Troubleshooting so far…
Reinstall companion app on iPhone, reinstall companion app on watch. Pair/unpair Apple Watch with iPhone (as in completely disassociate the device with phone and reinstate), reset phone, reset watch, reset Apple TV.

Like I say, Zwift on Apple TV says it’s connected but it’s just displaying 0 bpm. The app opens on my watch too but just says - - as hr. The HR function is working ok on my watch for other apps I.e normal day to day health app monitoring

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Some bad news… Since the most recent update to Zwift and Companion App, Apple Watch functionality has been dismal. Frequent disconnects, not able to connect, etc. Apple Watch has been in “Beta” for three years. As far as Apple Watch, Zwift has really mastered beta…

When I start Zwift, Apple Watch usually automatically pairs. I then unpair it, wait a few seconds, then pair it again. I pick my route and go. Once I am in the game and before I start, I go to Menu>Bluetooth and repeat the above by unpairing it and pairing it again. Generally, this works. If it disconnects mid ride, I pair it again. That’s happened only a few times. It just seems the pairing is extremely volatile. The fact that they can’t test this and fix it is beyond me. That said, looking at all the bugs introduced with updates, it doesn’t shock me.

Make sure your settings are correct on the Apple Watch regarding waking up, etc. Also, I always turn on Do Not Disturb before I start Zwift.