Apple watch unpaired bpm

Hello everyone!
I would really appreciate it if someone can help me!!
Zwift really is helping me to work out and now thats its not working im going crazy
Im using apple watch series 6 latest OS it was working fine till yesterday!
Whats happening is that it connects and all but when in the game and running, it does not read my bpm and it doesnt say in- game anymore as it used to, my avatar stays stills even tho im full on running… i tried everything read online but nothing seems to work
Please help your fellow rider
Many thanks

I experienced the same problem yesterday, and have the same watch model.

None of the workarounds I know were successful.

I see Zwift dripped an update to Companion this morning. But I haven’t found any documentation as to what is fixed in the update. My phone is now IOS 14.4.1 which is a change since the last time I successfully used my watch for HR.

Yesterday few hours later writing this post, i gave a try and its worked. I believe it a temporary mis functional! I hope the issue is resolved for you too :slight_smile:

For anyone else having Apple Watch problems, here’s what works for me most of the time: Open Zwift and get to the pairing screen, then open Zwift Companion app (on the same network as Zwift like usual), then open the Zwift app on Apple Watch, then in Zwift click search for heart rate monitor. Apple Watch should appear. Connect to that, then turn on your trainer and connect that.

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