Apple Watch Won't Show Heart Rate

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Core with my ipad. I want to use my Apple Watch as the heart rate monitor but when I open the Zwift Companion on the watch, it always says unpaired (with the exception of once for about 5 seconds when it did connect and show my heartrate on the watch and in the app). Any suggestions?

There has been some discussion on an earlier thread.

I also use Zwift on my iPad. The last few times, I believe I’ve consistently got my watch (series 3) to pair, but I think you need the Companion app open on your iPhone at the same time. When I get to the pairing screen on my iPad, I open the Companion app on my Iphone before I pair my HRM. Then I click the HRM screen.

At this time, usually when I twist my wrist to wake the watch up, I see the watch’s Companion app already selected and it pairs by itself.

You might also want to be aware that some people are having issues with the watch not disconnecting after a workout. I think the main solution is force close the Companion app on your watch if you still see the Companion icon after you’ve quit Zwift elsewhere, but it may not work 100%.

If you like using your watch as an HRM, can I prevail on you to go and vote for the threads I mentioned? This will (hopefully) draw the Zwift team’s attention to the issue. TBH, most people probably use a traditional standalone HRM.

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