Apple Watch Issues

Hello Zwift Community,

I am having a few bugs while using Zwift with my Apple Watch (Series 2 Nike). I have tried to problem solve this one on my own but have had no luck.

Wahoo Kickr 2018
Apple TV 4K (Newest without USB-C on the back)
Apple Watch Series 2 (Nike)
Wahoo Tickr
iPhone SE

  • All software has been updated to latest releases

The problem began when I started using the watch to record my workouts through the Zwift Companion App. The watch would disconnect frequently, showing drop offs on the heart rate graph in game and showing no heart rate data on the watch, just the grey “unpaired” icon in the watch app. I figured this was because the watch wasn’t staying in full contact with my wrist: I tried updating all firmware, tightening the wrist strap, etc. Still the same problem. I had used chest straps in the past and ordered the Wahoo Tickr and paired it to my watch. The heart rate strap definitely fixed a lot of the drop offs, however, every time I close my move ring or exercise ring, the watch disconnects from the companion app and shows “unpaired”. To reconnect I can restart the companion app on both the phone and watch, but that only works about half the time, the other half I am left without any heart rate data for the rest of the workout.

Have a great day and as always, RIDE ON!