Apple Watch Disconnects? Found an issue with another app

Might be a coincidence (or Zwift fixed it and didn’t tell anyone).

I have had non stop disconnects (“Unpaired”) on my Apple Watch HR monitor. I deleted the Cardiogram HR App from my Apple Watch that was installed on it. Since then, I’ve had zero “unpaired” issues and have been very happy. It still drops from time to time (one second or so) but zero “Unpaired” issues. Worth a shot if you were plagued with this too. Good luck!

Interesting. Mine has been unreliable on a few runs…sometimes the app just wouldn’t pair and the other day said paired all run (with heart rate on watch) but nothing showing on Zwift. Changing my setup so ordered a polar oh1+ instead and will see if that’s any better.

Same experience. Sometimes it would be fine the entire ride, but sometimes it would

  • lose reading here and there
  • disconnect entirely but reconnect after a few minutes
  • disconnect entirely and refuse to reconnect no matter what I do
  • refuse to pair at the beginning
  • says paired but no reading, etc.

Happens most frequently during workout mode but I’ve also had perma disconnects during free rides. It has been a really frustrating experience with the companion app. To get stable HR with my ride I have to use Zwift on my phone on the tiny screen, and even then it is not 100%.