Cadence drop outs with Companion app

Hi Guys

I use zwift via Apple Tv4k and my ipad pro and on every ride i get drop outs on the cadence for a few seconds before it cuts back in again.

My set up has the Kickr trainer and tickr HR strap connected to the Aplle Tv via the bluetooth, but due to the bluetooth limits apple imposes the Companion app has to deal with cadence.

It doesn’t matter if I use the wahoo cadence sensor (on my shoe) or if I let my 4iiii power meter on the crank send the cadence data, both still get the random drop outs. The ipad is only a could of ft away from the crank as I use that as a controller for zwift rather than the apple remote.

Any ideas?

P.S it was the same under the older mobile link app.

Maybe try running a log file through Zwift-a-lizer to see if it says anything relevant.

All firmware updated(?)

Try Ant+ if it a problem.

Good luck!

Yes, all firmware and software is on the latest level.

I can’t run Ant+ because the Apple TV and iPad won’t recognise it, has to be Bluetooth

Anyone know how to get the log file from zwift on tvOS?

Try this link to troubleshoot the dropouts:

Since the last iOS update for my Apple TV 4K and the Zwift update from 3/29, I’ve experienced the same thing. I have Apple TV 4K linked to both my KICKR Snap and my Wahoo Cadence sensor on my crank arm.  I use the Companion app to share HR from my Apple Watch, because it is more stable than asking the Companion app to pass my Wahoo TICKR X HR signal through to Zwift. 

I’ve tried some basic troubleshooting tonight after my ride, but have not had any luck. 



after using my Wahoo kickr/blue tooth via apple laptop/hdmi to TV set up for months and using Iphone companion app, TODAY is the first time ever I’ve experienced drop outs. Very annoying as it was a group ride and suddenly my rider would STOP and cadence fall to ZERO and then I would lose 30 seconds -this happened 15 -20 times over an hour ride. Nothing has changed via my setup - seems like a bluetooth problem - did anything change on zwift from yesterday to today? this is annoying especially on a group ride as I kept falling farther and farther back…