Apple TV has random Bluetooth drop-outs & problems with pairing

After a few years of using my laptop to run Zwift, I switched to Apple TV4K (I’m setting up a pain cave, and I don’t want to have to set up the PC every time I use Zwift).
Setup was easy, and I use the companion app, initially with my iPhone SE (older model), but that seemed to drop my Wahoo Tickr connection every few minutes. I switched to the companion app on my new iPad 8, and everything worked fine for about a week.
Now, for the past few Zwift sessions, I lose all BT connections at random. I have to shut down the app & reconnect everything. I’ve also run Zwift on the iPad, and mirrored it to ATV, that has worked fine, but if I do that I can’t use my iPad for anything else.
I’d like to find a solution, because ATV is a lot easier to use than a laptop.
So far it has just been an annoyance, but I dread it happening during a race or hard effort up AdZ.

Have others out there experienced any of the same issues, and is there a solution to this?


What devices are you connecting to Zwift through the Companion app? Have you tried connecting directly to the Zwift ATV app? That is likely a much more stable connection. Also, are you on WiFi for any of these devices? If so, has you tried changing your router to run on a fixed channel?

I use more than two BT devices (Assioma pedals to control the Kickr & for cadence, Tickr HRM)
I can use just two BT channels if I use the KIckr for power, controllable & cadence, then the Tickr. But I like to use the pedals, since I use them on the road. I want apples to apples power numbers.
I don’t believe that I can choose channels on my WiFi (Xfinity) router.
I’ll check the strength of my WiFi signal.

I never had drops with my PC & ANT+

If you want to connect more than 2 devices directly to the ATV you could also purchase a bridge like the 4iiii Viiiiva. Of course, this involves the purchase of yet another piece of equipment, so maybe not what you want to do. As for the router, I don’t know enough about how your particular unit works, but it might be worth looking into. I would be a little surprised if they wouldn’t allow access to at least ‘freeze’ the WiFi channel.

As another thought, do you possibly have a 2.4 ghz and 5.0 ghz WiFi networks running at the same time, and your phone trying to switch between them?

And another potential is that, since you are connecting your devices through your phone, you might be unknowingly being switched back and forth between WiFi and cellular networks, causing the disconnect. You could try disabling WiFi assist or just turning off the cellular capabilities while Zwifting.

I reset my router this AM.
After that, I didn’t have any problems pairing with the companion app on both my iPhone & iPad.

When I set up my pain cave ATV will be connected via an ethernet cable, and I’ll have an
Xfi pod nearby for a strong WiFi signal.