Bluetooth signal dropout using Apple TV4k

Hi all,

I have searched the forums and can find lot’s of people experiencing similar issues. I have tried the common suggestions namely, re-installing Zwift on Apple TV and re-installing the Companion app, turning Bluetooth off / on and re-starting my iPhone. Closing down all other apps and Bluetooth connected devices. My Apple TV is only a bike length away from my turbo.

I have been using Zwift for over a year and this has only started happening in recent months. It is a persistent but intermittent problem that I experience whether connecting direct to ATV or via the ZCA. When the signal drops, all 3 sensors lose connection. Sometimes the signal drops for a matter of seconds but sometimes it drops and doesn’t come back, so I am forced to abandon my ride / session. Very frustrating!

My set up is:

Apple TV 4k (latest firmware)
ZCA on iPhone (latest firmware)
Wahoo Kickr Snap (V2)
Wahoo Tickr
Wahoo RPM

I am really hoping someone has a solution as I can’t, in good faith, keep paying for a service which doesn’t deliver on it’s basic function.

Many thanks in advance.


Well Bluetooth uses a very common frequency and the drops could be caused be interference.

You could try changing the channel on your router that the 2.4Ghz frequency is using.

Even other WiFi signals from nearby routers can cause interference.

Microwaves can also cause interference of the BLE signal.

Are you using fluorescent lights near your setup?

How close is ATV to your sensors?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I received ATV for Christmas and was very excited that I didn’t need to use my work laptop anymore to Zwift every morning. I’ve experienced the same issue that Paul mentions above. In fact we have nearly the same setup:

Kickr Snap
Connecting the HR and Cad via CABLE device
Connected to the Snap for control and Power data
using the ZCA just for the dashboard - BLE is off

  • I’ve tried connecting the Power Data via the CABLE device, but just this morning when doing a workout I lost complete control of the Snap (power HR and Cadence all still showed on screen but the Snap stopped adjusting resistance mid-workout!). I had to leave the workout and restart then paired the ATV directly to the Snap for Power (HR and Cad still went through the CABLE device). Drop outs were less frequent when I was connecting power through the CABLE, leading me to believe is an ATV issue connecting to the SNAP (also 1 bike length away). I would love to make this a non-issue

Hello All,

Has a solution been found for this issue? It’s driving me nuts.

I have a similar set up with the following

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Tacx Flux 2
  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Zwift Companion App on iPhone 11 Pro

I have a Wahoo Headwind too but this is on manual control through my iPhone as I only have one channel on my HR monitor which is used by Zwift.

Hope someone can help.


I’ve been working with Wahoo and Zwift on this issue for nearly a month now. Wahoo has given me a bunch of tests and procedures to try to no avail yet.

Zwift has only responded twice by different “techs”. I was told to redownload/update the ATV app! I’ve turned to the internet for answers and found this…

I haven’t tried swapping out the wifi access point yet, but I’m hoping that that will do the trick. It’s a same that Zwift seems so clueless regarding how their software works. The customer support here is not worth the monthly price I pay.

Are you folks that are having issues sure that the problem is with the BT itself, and not your WiFi? When I started using ATV I experienced random dropouts, also, but after some searching found a suggestion that I change my WiFi router setup from ‘automatically pick channel’ to using a static channel. I have not had any issues since. I’m not saying this will definitely correct the issues you are having, but I’d say it’s worth a shot. (And, if I recall correctly, the suggestion was for one of the channels toward either end of the range.)

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I’ve been having the same issue for months myself. So frustrating.

Tried this on the ride this morning and still had dropout issues - Thanks for the thought though.

Rack up another frustrated user. Wahoo Snap, ATV 4K HDR, Wahoo HR. ATV is about 2m away from snap. We also use ROUVY on the same device, and zero drop outs, zero reliability issues.

Same issue - power just randomly drops to zero and you need to re-connect mid-ride. Other times it just goes nuts; reaches predetermined ERG power for a second, then drops to 80-90 watts for no reason.

Zwift, get it together. And dont insult me by telling me to re-install the app; its a fresh install this morning on a brand new, factory fresh ATV.

For what it’s worth, I have zero issues with signal dropouts.

Tacx Neo 2
Garmin Dual HRM
Apple TV (about 6-7 feet from trainer)

Any chance you may have some other interference in the area? It also seems that a common theme in all of the posts experiencing issues is at least one Wahoo device.