Bluetooth Dropouts Apple TV 4K

Hi, apologies for a post on a standard topic but im really struggling with dropouts recently.
I always use a Polar H10 HRM, Kickr Gen 2, Wahoo Cadence sensor, Wahoo headwind. I usually also have my bluetooth headphones running through my phone.
I connected the HRM, Power, Cadence etc through zwift companion. Headwind and headphones through my phone.

I never had any problems on a Dell laptop, and the same set up (i think 1 dropout in about 2 years), but as soon as i switched to my Macbook Pro M1 i had a lot of dropouts so i purchased an Apple TV 4K hoping it would fix the issue but unfortunately not. Around 10 mins into the ride i start to get dropouts which come and go at different lengths.

The Apple TV 4K is on a desk virtually at the tip of the front bike wheel so very close, and even though the wifi is in another room i have an extender which is directly underneath the apple TV 4K.
I do have a macbook pro in the vicinity, which is right next to the apple tv, would it help if i removed it when riding?

Has anyone got any ideas what i can do to try and prevent continual issues?

Many Thanks

Companion App bridging is MUCH more finicky than direct connection.

Test this by connecting your Kickr directly to the ATV and doing a ride.

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Simple enough to check; just remove it and see if things improve.

I’m particularly interested to see what Zwift’s response to your problem is since I’ve had similar problems using the Companion BT bridge with Apple TV (so much so, that I’ve stopped using it and pair directly to ATV). Good luck!


First troubleshooting step would be to pair only the KIckr and pair directly to the Apple TV. Then, once that is working, you can try additional devices. Eventually, you can try the Companion app.

Maybe close the Macbook for your testing. Also, maybe move the wifi extender away. No reason it has to be directly under the AppleTV. These both in close proximity could be sources of interference.

I have never paired thru the Companion app. I run everything direct to the Apple TV. I do run wireless bluetooth earbuds thru my iPhone for music on which the Companion app is also running. No issues w/KickrV1 or NeoV1.

If you run Zwift on the MacBook, you can also get the log file and run it thru Zwiftalizer for more information. You cannot do this w/the AppleTV.

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It seems as though I recall seeing various posts previously about people having issues when using WiFi extenders. Something about having a mesh network that is not the same as having a single point of WiFi connection with the router seems to cause the disconnects. Perhaps try removing the WiFi extender altogether, unless you have no signal at all where you are Zwifting. Is a wired connection to the ATV possible?


Same problem here with my Saris M2. I contacted Saris and with their help I’m trying to resolve the issue. My setup is a Saris M2, Apple TV 4K, Polar H10 directly connected and the Companion app on a iPhone 6S. This used to work fine, but a few weeks ago the problems started. Even the Saris app which I use for calibration started getting dropouts.

I tried running Zwift on my Windows 11 laptop (no companion app) and that seemed to work well so far.


Whelp, I’ve now experienced this myself across platforms. NOTE: using a Tacx NEO2T with current firmware, a Polar H10 HRM, and I happen to double-record on a Garmin Fenix that “listens” for the ANT+ signals from all devices. (it is NOT set to control the trainer, ever) Windows laptop was new as of last week, very clean and up to date. (Core i5 11300h w/Nvidia RTX3050, Garmin ANT+ USB stick, BLE never used except for a mouse - it ran Zwift beautifully before the most recent game update)

First: rode with Diesel Pace partner in Makuri on the PC laptop. Got 8.94km, 15:44ET into the ride, tried to sprint, first noticed HR wasn’t connected, then the pace bot and pack passed me despite my pedaling furiously. No connection.

Second: tried AppleTV4k via BLE (no Companion Bridge, though I always run Companion). Got 1.3km, 3:35ET into the ride, same dropouts.

Final step: unplugged NEO2T, restarted the AppleTV, plugged NEO2T back in, went into Zwift on ATV, reconnected. Did a 26km, 49:37ET Diesel ride in Watopia and it stayed connected.

Something screwy is going on. Nothing in my RF environment has changed. Only change has been the Zwift update last week. No WiFi range extenders - my router (an ASUS, and well-rated) is on the wall in the pain cave so it has a clean signal.

I also did another tryout yesterday evening. I had no dropouts during the ride, but had problems after the calibration. I shall try to describe what happened.

  • I used the Saris app on my iPhone 6S for calibration

  • After finishing the calibration I disconnected the trainer and (hard) closed the Saris app.

  • I started Zwift on my laptop and at the pairing screen the only thing Zwift found was this (see picture)


  • No cadence or controllable sensor after searching was found en the power source gave the ‘No Signal’??

  • I disabled bluetooth on the iPhone, took the power of the trainer and turned it back on.

  • After that all of the sensors were found.

  • Note: I disabled the access to bluetooth from the companion app last week! So, there should be no interference from the Companion app.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-27 at 11.32.59 AM.jpeg

It seems that when bluetooth is enabled on the iPhone there is something happening concerning bluetooth pairing.

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Thanks will give this a try on the weekend

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Will do a few rides on the weekend to see if I can pin down the culprit!

Unfortunately the house router is in another room, I can do wired but only from the extender which seems to defeat the object of a lot of the trials.
Thanks for the suggestion

I have been using Zwift for about 2 years now, with a MyZone HRM and CycleOps Magnus 2 wheel on trainer via Apple TV app. I have probably had about 5 dropouts to date - and usually resolved by rebooting the Apple TV. Last night I was 130km into the Long PRL Full (my last badge) and it dropped out and wouldn’t reconnect to the trainer. So I was desperate for a solution to let me continue for the badge (reboots may continue but you don’t get the badge). I found that by changing to connecting via the companion app and then back to direct connection to the TV “reset” things and I could continue. Not sure if this will work for others but worth a try!

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:grimacing: Short of my trainer catching fire or my chain snapping, you just described my nightmare Zwift scenario. NGL, I’ve already thought of mitigation strategies like running Zwift on an iPad with a powerbank to avoid even a blackout cutting that ride short. (my trainer, the NEO, will function without mains power already)

Fan-freaking-tastic! Thanks for posting that Don and congrats on the PRL. :+1:


I think I would have gone into full rage mode here! Well done for managing to find a solution for your mental health alone!!

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Yes stress levels were high - as I knew reboot meant starting again (previous experience) and couldn’t find a solution online so was a lucky last ditch effort!

If it had been lost I am not sure I would have had the trust/motivation to try again!

This morning I had several random dropouts within 5 minutes on a ride. I shutdown my laptop and my iPhone for less bluetooth interference. Did it work: NOT!

I’m really not sure if this a Saris or a Apple TV problem?

First Zwift ride in two weeks. Updated Zwift AND the Apple TV. Shouldn’t have done that :rage:

Got dropped almost immediately. Reconnect, unplug trainer, disable bluetooth on al the devices, disable 2,4Ghz on the wifi. Nothing helped.

WTF is going here.?!?!?

I have the same issue.
Yesterday I took part in ToW S2 A … after about an hour (bit more) all my connections were lost.
Was using the companion app. First attempt was to restart the app but no luck with that. Then I paired the trainer and HR directly to the ATV and could finish with that … but the reason why I was using the companion app is to avoid Bluetooth dropouts during ride which I had before on direct connection as well.