AppleTV loses bluetooth connection

I’ve used AppleTV for one year without any problems. After latest update app starts losing connection to smart trainer (Elite SUITE) after 5-10 minutes of riding. Then connection sometimes was restored and lost in sequence, making riding impossible.
Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks in advance.
P.S. With my android devices everything works fine

Same here. Apple TV keep dropping signal

Yes, me as well. I end up getting this weird 10-15 second sensor lag. IT has dropped twice in the last few weeks during races. This seems to be a Zwift/ATV issue as the trainer doesn’t drop out to any other device.

Check the placement of your Apple TV, making sure it is as near to your trainer and other devices as possible, without fans or other objects in the way.

Thank you very much for advice. BTW - I’ve used AppleTV for 1 year without any problems. I is place near 2 meters aside of thainer and without any fans etc. behind.
I took my Apple TV to service and they didnot find any pproblems with BlueTooth hardware. One thing left - Zwift application for AppleTV was apdated couple of days before.

Any Conclusions?

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My Case! Regards!


My case! Regards


I thought it just my connection…I am also losing the BT connection to the bike. I have a Stages bike and while pedaling can see the power output from the bike on the Stages app. Constant output, but the power display, cadence on Zwift goes blank and 10 seconds later comes back on. Today I purchased another ATV 4K and it does the same thing, so it is not the ATV box. I have been using Zwift on my iPad and screen mirroring to the TV which does allow me to ride, but at a very slow frame rate. This also tells me that it is not the bike. Please Zwift fix this along with the current audio issue that causes the app to crash opening.

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