Random Bluetooth Connection Issue

I run Zwift on AppleTV with a Kickr Bike and have for years with no issues 99% of the time. Last night, I logged on and got into the “pen” for my ZRL race, all was good. Went upstairs to change and noticed my connection was gone (had the BLE symbol plus an exclamation point next to it in the upper left corner of the screen.) I unsuccessfully tried an assortment of troubleshooting, including rebooting the ATV and unplugging the trainer to no avail. Missed the race and after having an adult version of a temper tantrum, chatted with Zwift support, still unsuccessfully. I tried most of the published “solves” from the Zwift site. I’ll try deleting the app and reinstalling later but thought I’d see if anyone else has encountered this and why. The “do you have other BLE devices around” doesn’t fly as I’ve always had the same devices in my pain cave (by not connected to ATV) for years with no issues. Help!

I’ve had a number of BT, issues. for me it was the onboard BT receiver. I disabled that and got a bt 5.0 usb plugin dongle and it’s been pretty good.
You could check for the specific drivers for that device… I had to go into my device manager and find the brand, then grab them from that manufacturer’s website (intel)
I’ve also had better luck with Ant+ staying connected.

Is there anything new or in a different position that could be causing Bluetooth interference? E.g. a fan between the ATV and your Kickr Bike? Fans are notorioue for causing interference sometimes.

Not sure what the deal was but deleting and reinstalling the Zwift app worked. So, when in doubt, reboot. If that doesn’t work reinstall.