Connection issues after entering game

I have had a problem the last two days with Zwift.

I login ok, the service detects my hr, trainer and cadence. Then I go to game and there is connection though I see my avatar and then all the other riders pass me

I have uninstalled Zwift and reinstalled - same problem
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Please post full details of your setup.

Wahoo kickr with phone casting to Chromecast to computer monitor. I have done around 210 races since April last year and this is only the second time this has happened. You can see bluetooth is good when starting game but then when entering ride Zwift says there is no connection in game

The same problem since 2 days. Windows 11 Legion 5-15, sensor connected via ZC with BLE on Realme GT 5G, FTTH Internet served via WiFi 6 mesh network.

Exactly! Just last two days. I contacted Zwift support and they suggested it was my problem. I have done some 210 races since April 1 last year and have only experienced this once previously but never two days continuously

put your log file into zwiftalyzer and see what it shows

Hi @John_Kempler

Can you try not doing the Chromecast and see if this helps?

Same problem here since last tuesday.

Saris M2
Apple TV 4K
IPhone SE 2020 for Companion app (bluetooth disabled)

Measures taken before starting Zwift:
Disable bluetooth on all of the surrounding devices
Disable 2,4 Ghz on the wifi network

I wrote to Zwift and they sent back a standard reply (as usual) that it is a problem with my wifi, signal interference etc etc. I have buddies in my club who have had same problem in few days

Same thing has been happening to me for over a week. Frustrating as I’m trying out the new PP routes and partners. It sucks getting dropped because the connection isn’t stable. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr (purchased in 2020), ATV and companion app on IPhone. I had about 5000 miles without losing connection more than a handful of times last year, another couple of thousand miles this year with little to no problem until now. Today I lost connection over 5 times in one hour.

I had to change my location as we’re remodeling but things were working fine until the changes to the PP. I’ve updated my ATV today hoping that helps. WIFI in the same room works great for streaming TV so I really don’t think that’s the problem. I am not tech smart.

I updated Zwift and the ATV before I started the ride. After that the sh*t hitted the fan :roll_eyes: