AppleTV Bluetooth loss will not reconnect

I’m new here, did a few tests and finally signed up.

first time I was on was a couple months ago, got everything set up and it all worked. then I finally got back to it and did a ride yesterday. all my devices hooked up fine and everything worked perfectly for an hour ride, so I signed up for a subscription.

Everything was good, but after a mile the Apple TV lost its connection to the speed sensor, companion app and my Apple Watch. I have changed the battery in my sensor, restarted my Apple TV several times, restarted my phone and still nothing. Zwift no longer sees or connects to anything, companion app connects to my watch and that’s it. the Kinetic app sees my speed sensor fine, Apple TV still connects to the remote and I tested some bluetooth headphones those work ONLY Zwift is having connection issues, leads me to believe this is a software issue not a hardware issue.

Not a great experience right after paying. Went back to my Kinetic app to at least get a little time in. 20min workout took over an hour because of this, not a great use of my time.

Devices: AppleTV HD(connected via ethernet, not being used for anything but this and as a HomeKit hub), iPhone Xr, Apple watch 6, Kurt Kinetic InRide sensor(Bluetooth only version) device software is all up to date.