Lost connection problem

Problem !!!

I am using Zwift Companion linked to my Apple Tv because I have more than 2 bt items. Everything is linked to my Companion, my Kickr Power, my HR Tickr and my cadence sensor. Everything synchronized and the pairing works. I start to ride and after a while my avatar stops moving. I go back to see my “coupling”. Everything is written as connected but with the message “no connection”. But everything is blue.
It’s frustrating when technology doesn’t keep up.

My wifi signal is strong. My devices are detectable because if I quit Companion, I can then pair 2 of my 3 devices directly on my apple tv. Anyway, any ideas? Has anyone been through this before?


Does your kickr also have built in cadence? The newer ones do with a firmware update. If so, you don’t need the companion app to bridge the signal.

Thanks!!! This solution works!!!