Zwift not controlling Kickr resistance when starting ride

Hi! Been having an issue with my Kickr.

Essentially, I turn on my Kickr, open the Zwift Companion app on my phone, open the Zwift app on my computer. Everything straight away pairs up quickly.

Start riding. Does not control my resistance even though it’s all paired and controlled resistance is on. Try unpairing, pairing, pausing ride, stopping ride. Have since discovered, the only thing that really seems to fix it is unplugging the Kickr from the wall, plugging it back in and then it’s good to go.

I don’t think it’s the kickr but more so something to do with the pairing?


Hi, I have the same issue when connecting Apple TV with iPhone running Companion and my Kickr snap. No full proof answers yet, but getting closer. Here is what I know:

  • It doesn’t happen every time I start riding and when working it stays working, so not intermittent issue
  • Problem has good and bad patches, sometime I don’t have an issue for weeks, then other times every day it is a problem.
  • Cause if not the apple TV running Zwift, shutdown and restart multiple times does not fix the issue
  • 90% sure it is not the Kickr, shutdown and restart some times fixes the issue but not always.
  • The one thing that seems to work is closing the Zwift Companion app and connecting the Kickr directly to the Apple tv. You must shutdown the Companion app, simply switching directly to the kickr doesn’t work if the companion app is still running.

So I’m 90% sure it is the Companion app which is the issue.

My latest solution if I have this issue is to,

  • Shutdown the companion app on my phone (double click and swipe up)
  • In game switch the bluetooth connection directly to the Kickr
  • Ride for a bit to check the resistance is controlled
  • Then reopen the Companion app on my phone and switch the bluetooth back to the Companion app
  • Usual then it is ok
    Been doing this now for 1 week and so far ok, fingers crossed

Hope this helps