Kickr losing resistance using Apple TV

Kickr CB76 (direct drive) SO I launch the app on Apple TV, launch the companion app on my Ipad and pair my trainer, HR, cadence sensor, all show paired and I’m ready to go (they show paired on my ipad under bluetooth. Take off riding and I basically get no resistance and spin out. HR swill works but it’s like its not talking to the app to get resistance. Any Ideas? it will also work fine for a while then during the ride it must lose connection because I spin out but everything shows being connected. Thanks.

First question: Do you need to pair through your iPad (i.e. the Zwift Companion app), or can you connect directly to Zwift on the ATV? If you are using the Kickr for power and cadence, plus a separate HRM, you should only need the two BT connections available on the ATV to make this happen, and it might fix your issue.

Also, have you selected the Kickr as your power source AND as controllable? And is it possible that your ATV and iPad are not on the same WiFi network? (If your iPad has cellular/mobile data capabilities this might be an issue.)

I have an old Kickr so I have cadence separate. I can pair through the ATV and not have HR or cadence, only 3 connections work and the remote takes one of them. Same Wifi, seemed ok a few weeks ago. I only get one choice for my trainer to pair, thus if I do it on the laptop I get the controllable FC choice since it is Ant+. Thanks for the help, I’ll keep messing with it, gets aggravating when you have to spend time to mess with it before you ride.

KICKR will not work in ERG mode. No resistance. Started today on my workout. Totally spinning out in hardest gearing but not generating watts. Is this another bug with latest update?

I know, what a pain, I know sometimes when I pair, the Controllable trainer doesn’t pair automatically but I’m sure you’ve checked that.

I think I figured it out, so my ATV was in front of me to the right and I think my body was blocking the blutooth signal, so I moved it on the floor closer to the trainer and seems to work ok so far, when you pair the trainer with the ATV you can see the signal strength so I messed around with the placement location.

Im having the same issue now, Kickr Gen 1 and Garmin Pro HRM connected via BT to Apple TV. Zwift is measuring both device outputs but is not applying load to the Kickr. Multiple resets and reconnections later, load resistance works. However, the next day the same fault again. Double checked the Kickr with the Wahoo training app, no issues.
I note that the Zwift updated the app this week. Problem started after the update.