KICKR 2016 no resistance [AppleTV] [March 2022]

Hello Shuji. Unbelievably, I have had this problem since last August and only just put 2 & 2 together having seen this thread. I have a Kickr 16 and a brand new Kickr bike and use Apple TV to run Zwift. I don’t have gradient on either and can ride any route in just one gear. Used my iPad to run Zwift tonight and hey presto all working. Can I fix my Apple TV to remedy this? Thanks Paul

This problem has returned.

Since the most recent update, i no longer have resistance on freerides.

Apple TV, Kickr v1.

Native Bluetooth or via Companion. Have rebooted everything. Only change has been the zwift app update, so you guys broke it.

Resistance works fine in other apps, or in workout mode, so it’s not the Kickr.

Glad i pay for non useable services! :frowning:


Hi @Paul_Ecobichon and @Chris_Parker
Thanks for flagging this up to us. I’m splitting your comments into a fresh thread FYI.

Common threads for you two are the gen 1 Kickr 2016 and Apple TV.

  1. Regarding the ATV question: are you using the Zwift Companion app to bridge your trainer’s Bluetooth signal to Zwift, and if so - are you running Companion on iOS or Android? There is a current known issue with Android version of Companion being used to bridge the BLE signal.

  2. Regarding the KICKR `16: according to Wahoo’s support site, the most recent firmware is v3.4.62 issued October 2017. I know that’s a long time ago, but would you use Wahoo’s app to see that’s the version you’re on? This is one of our troubleshooting steps that we want to check off the list.

  3. Please go to the App Store from your AppleTV to confirm that you’re on the latest Zwift game version. As with the KICKR firmware - need to verify versions.

  4. While you’re at it - please verify that your Apple TV is on the latest version of tVOS. Again - let’s be thorough and eliminate the easy things.


If any other KICKR 2016 owners are having this issue, please weigh in on this thread. Please also tell us:

  • What OS are you using to run the Zwift game app?
  • Are you using the Compaion app as a Bluetooth bridge to pair your trainer to Zwift?
  • If so - is Companion app running on iOS or Android?

@shooj why have a seperate thread… This has been discussed at length in this thread Bluetooth improvements for controllable trainers & treadmills [January 2022] - #134 by Michael_Scott_IL and Zwift still hasnt fixed or acknowledge it!!

So again… tvOS 15.4
Direct bluetooth connection NOT via companion app

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Separate thread to focus specifically on KICKR 2016 and AppleTV as noted in the subject line.

Hello Shuji. Thanks for your reply. Answers to your questions as follows:

  1. I normally use the Apple TV native Bluetooth when I connect even though it only gives me 2 channels meaning I don’t record cadence. However, I do sometimes use the companion app to connect and that is running Android. I will test both ways now to check the outcome.
    2, Yes, the Kickr is on v3.4.62
  2. I have only just got access to the most recent release and downloaded it tonight. Will test over the weekend.
  3. Yes, Apple TV is on the most recent version.

Will do some rides over the next few days and report back.

Regards Paul

But it’s exactly the same issue and set up that affected my kickr17 as mentioned in the thread listed about the Bluetooth issues.

Are zwift support ever going to comment on it as stated?

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Riding ToW stage 3 (downtown titans loop) yesterday, kickr resistance felt like it was hardly there

I’m seeing a recurring theme with older Kickrs (prior to 2018) having BLE issues. 2018 seems to be the year Wahoo updated the electronics on the Kickr line to support multiple BLE connections. I wonder if these older units somehow have twitchier BLE connectivity. (I’ve had connectivity issues with other Wahoo devices of the same vintage)

Regardless, I’ll leave it for smarter people than me to diagnose.

My buddy who uses my OG Kickr from 2015 has no issues w/Bluetooth connectivity or resistance issues in Zwift :man_shrugging:

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Maybe, maybe not… But the fact remains Zwift has changed something which is effecting our trainers over the past few months. Generally it had been fine up until Dec ish 2021

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A quick update from my previous post. In addition to checking your points I also upgraded to the most recent Zwift release, but the problem still persisted. I went over all the other threads and saw one post that reflected the problem I had. As a result I reset my ATV to its factory settings and re-installed Zwift. Hey presto - the gradient functionality worked. The post I read coincided with the date I lost this functionality (Aug 2021) and also mentions that they had paired some Assioma Favero pedals - I also did this at the same time. Not sure if this is just a coincidence or if its relevant. Have done 3 rides since. 2 worked perfectly but I am not sure about the last because it was a flat course. This problem has really affected my race metrics. On Zwift power I went from almost an A to a mediocre B overnight losing about 30 watts. My heart rate has gone from approx. 168bpm @ 271 watts in mid Aug to164bpm @ 240 watts where it has stayed since. Do you think this is an ATV problem or a Kickr issue?

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Highly doubt this is an Apple TV problem. Your HR and/or power are just numbers being sent through the Apple TV via a BLE connection. If there is a problem with either HR or power, it would mostly likely be your HRM or Kickr giving erroneous numbers.

If your’e referring to resistance issues, that could be Zwift or the Kickr.

I’m experiencing similar issues since the recent Zwift update on Wahoo KICKR Generation 3 (’17). Riding Stage 5 of Tour of Watopia felt like brakes were on the entire ride. Most of this course is one I ride regularly and never had problems until recently. All software are the latest versions.

Zwift seems to excel and making the overall game experience worse with every update. Instead of spending time on pace partners, steering, Zwift hardware and whatever the latest whim is, the company should fix the damn glitches that have persisted and new ones constantly introduced.

The only positive thing I can say as a long time Zwift customer is that the ever worsening game experience is making me want to ride outside a lot more.

Hello Shooj. This is becoming extremely frustrating. I have tried all your suggestions to no effect. I have also re-set my ATV to factory settings, I have uninstalled and re-installed Zwift and the companion app, I have raised a ticket with Wahoo and my trainer is working as it should be and I have even reverted to a an earlier firmware version just in case. I have tried using different devices with the same outcome. When using my ATV there is no gradient and I am stuck at what feels like a single resistance also like erg mode. This is the case when using Companion App with both Android and IOS devices. There are loads of comments on the forum threads about the ATV problem. Is it recognized and is there any way I can fix it? Gradient works fine if I run Zwift via my IPad Pro using Companion App on both Android and IOS. Thanks Paul

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When is this issue going to be resolved because no resistance with Wahoo Kickr when using companion and Apple TV?
Very frustrating because can’t use Apple TV and monitor arrangement that I specifically purchased for Zwift.

No resistance with Wahoo Kickr17 and Apple TV. Until recently, this has worked perfectly. Very discouraging that Zwift has failed to acknowledge the problem.

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Come on Zwift, there are more and more people experiencing resistance issues with older kickrs / Apple TV … are you ever going to comment?

@shooj is there anyway you can give someone a nudge?

From someone who works in Software and FIRMWARE development. If it’s a difficult issue to find and resolve just allow the Users using this combination of hardware to rollback the software before that worked. If this goes on any longing without acknowledgment by Zwift, I will cancel my subscription and starting using Rouvy. Pity because when Zwift works it’s a great package but it’s only as good as the support the company gives.