Bluetooth\Apple TV \iOS issues

Hi @shooj \ @xflintx,

Can we get a consolidated update on the Apple TV\iOS\Bluetooth issues that have been introduced over recent upgrades.

There seems to be a number of ongoing threads (wahoo kickr bike thread that appears to be larger than just the Kickr Bike, gradient change issue, ERG issues, HR connectivity, Alpe crash etc) all seeing either limited or zero feedback and updates.

Be good for Zwift to recognise that there are new issues brought about by recent updates and provide a general update on why there is so many Bluetooth\Apple TV issues recently and when they will be fixed.


Having gradient issues using Neo2T and ATV. Resistance on trainer doesn’t respond to changes in gradient.

Using a Neo 2 and ATV: No issues at all. (Not saying that the issues aren’t real, just providing some additional data points to, perhaps, help isolate who might be affected.)