No gradient Apple TV

Everything has worked Flawless untill this last update. Now everything connects as normal but I get no gradient in game. Unplug apple TV then plug back in. Start a ride and gradient is working. End ride to start another or join an event and gradient is gone again. Tacx Neo 2T. I don’t believe this has anything to do with the trainer or apple TV since it worked perfect until the update. Please patch this as soon as possible!!! I shouldnt have to pay for a broken product.

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It’s a known bug that appears like it affects Bluetooth connections through Apple TV version of Zwift. If you have an iPad I’d recommend to use that instead and mirror the display to the TV until Zwift fixes the issue (or they break the iPad version too).


I have what sounds like the same issue. The trainer ends up in essentially dumb mode after a while. It still gets power/cadence data from the trainer, but the resistance is not working correctly - hills not as hard as they should be, downhill not as easy.
My trainer is a tacx, so the other easy way to tell is the road surface simulation/feedback has stopped working.
I’ve had it both with a long ride, where after ~20minutes this occurs, or when doing multiple rides, the second ride doesn’t have the control/surface feedback.
Immediately quitting out and going into the tacx app shows the trainer is fine and working properly - eliminating interference or device overheating concerns immediately. I even moved the appletv unit to within a foot of the tacx and still no change.
It’s only the apple tv that has the issue - ios on a phone doesn’t. Apple TV pairing via the companion app also didn’t resolve it (so bluetooth from the phone is fine).
Same thing with ERG mode, the control just isn’t there - which is a huge problem if I do a free ride to warm up, end ride, new ride to do the workout - that second ride then has no control.
Pairing screen shows no issues, devices always connect first time too.
Bit annoyed to be honest - I was about to open a support case when I saw others with the same issue here.


Sounds like I have a very similar problem. Zwift does does not control the power in a workout and does simulate the gradients on a free ride. If I unplug my ATV it seems to work, but the next time I go to use, it has stopped working again.
However, Zwift is also dropping my Wahoo Tickr heart rate while in game. If I go the the pairing menu, it says connected just 0bpm for a few seconds and then the heart rate appears, but disappears within a few minutes back in game.
I know it’s not the trainer or the heart rate monitor, as I have done a ride using the Tacx app from my phone and all is okay.

Will be interested to see what Zwift say about this one?

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I have the same issue. Everything works perfectly until Zwift 1.16.

Trainer: Tacx Neo 2T running 0.38 f/w
Zwift: 1.16 (Aug 19) and 1.16.1 (Aug 25)
iPad Pro: 14.7.1

I start a ride on Zwift following any route and the trainer acts like a dumb trainer - no resistance changes due to changing terrain. I end the Zwift ride, unplug the trainer and replug it back in, then start a new ride and resistance changes correctly. I’ve done two rides where this has happened. Once on Zwift 1.16 (prior to the 1.16.1 release) and the other today on 1.16.1. Today I tried to stay in game and just reboot the trainer, but it didn’t resolve the problem, so I ended the ride, power cycled the trainer, restarted Zwift on the iPad (swipe up to close the app and then restart it), started a new ride on Zwift and it worked. For now I’m going to keep the trainer unplugged while not riding, in hopes that I don’t re-experience the problem.

I have the same setup, except Neo 2 (not 2T). No issues. I wonder if it’s isolated to the 2T, for some reason.

Could be… Hopefully Zwift will resolve whatever it is soon. If it happens to me again I’ll try to remember to try the Tacx Trainer app (to see if it controls power properly) before I power cycle the Tacx and restart everything.

Upvoted… All good until recent update. Looks like it’s a Bluetooth issue with the AppleTV Zwift app.

Using Tacx Vortex, Tacx Tickr. Will run for a bit (7 minutes on average) then drop controllable resistance, and then the HR monitor as well… Cadence also playing up. Thought it was the Vortex initially, but the HR monitor playing up gave it away as being BT related. Switched across to a laptop (massively inconvenient for my setup) and the peripherals work fine…

Help Zwift!!

Hi all,

I have the same issue… Super frustrating. My setup is Kickr core latest version, Apple TV 4K all with latest software updates. I also had absolutely zero issues with controlling kickr and gradient ‘feel’ until a recent update (May have been circa june/july? May need to confirm dates).

I have found the only way to bandaid the situation is now to pair BLE devices through companion APP instead of AppleTV. This resolves issues so far however some rides when I start up it defaults to AppleTV BLE pairing and the power drifts up like a one-way valve. i.e. if i increase power the zwift app keeps reading the maximum value and doesn’t come back down even when not pedalling…

It also appears to create a time shift for the in game segments. I was doing the Zwift academy baseline this morning and it defaulted to AppleTV BLE pairing, it wouldn’t record the timing of the segments inline with the power data… weird…

This Apple TV issue is killing me.


I’m aware Apple TV has only a maximum of 2 Bluetooth ports, however this was not an issue prior to the updates.

Same issue for me. Apple TV 4K, Wahoo Kickr Core and Wahoo Climb. I had a pause on Zwift from late June until last week. Before the pause the problem didn’t occur. Now power/resistance is going wild and my Climb is out of control. Super frustrating!

Hope this is fixed soon enough.

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Same here. Kickr V5 with ATV. I’m a HUGE Zwift fan but I think I’m going to pause my membership and use SUF or TrainerRoad since I primarily do workouts now.

This latest issue is by far the worst but there have been ongoing issues with the Kickr and Zwift for awhile now that they have failed to address. This is wild considering the Kickr has to be one of the most popular trainers used on the game.

Major bummer.


Thanks as I was not aware there was an option to pause the membership.

Zwift is unusable for me on AppleTV since the august update. Flattish rides aren’t too bad, but workouts and hillier rides have the wrong resistance.
I’ve cancelled my membership and will check the forums periodically to see if it gets fixed.

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Jim, have you tried power cycling your trainer and restarting Zwift? That’s worked for me with my Neo 2T and iPad… I’m now leaving my trainer unplugged and will plug it in when I ride. Crappy to have to resort to this workaround, but at least it lets me ride with proper resistance. Best of luck.

Zwift have recommended using something other than appletv at the moment. Fortunately I’ve got hold of a wi-fi card and an ANT dongle for my PC which is now set up in the garage!

Same issue with a Wattbike Atom V1 and gradients… cadence is sky high but no resistance. I am using an iPad and all software updates are current. Are Zwift HQ aware of the issue.

That’s fine for folks like us who have different options but it’s disgraceful for those who don’t have other ways to use Zwift or cannot afford to buy another device.

These sorts of things shouldn’t keep happening.

  1. I have a workaround: on Apple TV double click the non menu button swipe up to CLOSE the zwift app (not just usual quit) then on main screen re-open Zwift app and wait a few moments for me it re-pairs things automatically. Have to do before EVERY ride doing it at end of a ride didn’t work for me.

(I have the current Apple TV, kicker ‘20 and the Climb - ditto on climb of course)

  1. I read all the replies in add’n to the OP and hey we know these things happen and maybe it’s worth it or not if not you’ll suspend or drop. But if you think about any customer service job (remember the big boss probably isn’t writing the patch) they want to live the dream of being in the bike world AND be programmers or other things they do. I usually find (almost in any customer service situation), using a negative tone doesn’t help anyone and if roles were reversed you’d probably not appreciate it.

N.b. Hey you can say ‘these issues seem so common I’m really on the fence about keeping my subscription…I’m sure this will be fixed at some point but it’s frustrating when I just want to ride and I hope the big bosses allow more beta testing on these updates’ That’s direct but not make the best programmers etc jump ship! (Seriously yo whoever works these thank you).

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