Zwift. AppleTV. Constant Bluetooth disconnects after update

Zwft crashed over 6 times after updating today. The Bluetooth signal would just drop from companion. Upon trying to restart companion app, the loading screen would just freeze. Had to restart phone and Apple TV several times, just to crash again. I was running Amazon music and even tried Spotify while using. Crashed either way. It also dropped my planned route, but kept my miles. Had me circling the volcano endlessly. Lol. Last note, I even tried unplugging my tacx flux 2 to see if it made any difference. Any help appreciated.

I can’t offer a solution but I experienced the same yesterday after an update on Apple tv. The bluetooth connection dropped (connected but «no signal») a short while into the ride. I tried reconnecting, which appeared to work but dropped again almost immediately.
I’ve been using Zwift with a Tacx Flux 2 for eight months without issues otherwise.

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Same problem overhere. One thing that worked reasonably well is trying to put the Apple TV closer to your trainer.

I’ve never had an issue until this update. They aren’t 8ft from each other.

Yep. That’s it exactly.

I have not had any connectivity issues with any of the updates (Zwift or TVOS)

Tacx Neo 2 trainer
Garmin HRM-Dual

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No longer having an issue. I suppose the 15th update solved it. I also updated the sterzo smart steering. Everything’s running great now!