New Companion app update connection issues and intermittent log out

I am having connections issues using Zwift on desktop mac, and connecting Tacx Neo via Zwift Companion app on iPhone. Issues started as soon as the app was updated. Issues occur during workout mode. Either Tack connectivity gets interrupted and have to repair, or compassion app logs me out on the iPhone. Had zero issues before the update.

Since you have a Mac you don’t need to use the ZCA to bridge the Bluetooth signal, you can do it directly or you can use an ANT+ dongle in your Mac since the Neo is duel band.

The new app update is causing sudden crashes. I submitted ticket and several crash reports and so far the only fix offered is reinstalling zwift. That has not worked…

Hi All,

I have the same issue. Do you know if a case is opened on the Zwift side to track the resolution? Did you do it?