Anyone else getting sudden crashes, since last update?

The last update and phone app change seems like it was a bit of a disaster  - the day after, myself and a couple of friends started crashing mid ride (friends have never had any issues, either)  The program just shuts down. This had never happened in 10+ months zwifting. I’ve sent numerous crash reports in, on zwift’s request and reinstalled zwift on all devices (on their advice). Crashed mid-ride about 20 min ago and I’m really annoyed. The timing with the new phone app and update might just be a coincidence, so it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has been experiencing sudden crashes and if there is a solution out there. I believe it has something to do with the new phone app so I’m deleting it and will just try riding with my iMac

Here is another post by a rider, related to this issue;


New Companion app update connection issues and intermittent log out

J ust Sayin
Thursday at 18:50



I am having connections issues using Zwift on desktop mac, and connecting Tacx Neo via Zwift Companion app on iPhone. Issues started as soon as the app was updated. Issues occur during workout mode. Either Tack connectivity gets interrupted and have to repair, or compassion app logs me out on the iPhone. Had zero issues before the update

and another…
Zwift crash while using Companion app (Android)

Christian Lankman TeamNL
March 19, 2018 14:16 NONE FOLLOW
Today I did a workout testing the new features in the app. I got two zwift.exe crashes on my Windows 10 pc. Never had that before. The only thing that changed was the Companion app. Both times I was using the app for pausing, adjusting the difficulty setting, skipping the workout etc. And then it crashed.

Anyone with the same experience?

…one more. I hope that someone at zwift can see a pattern here. Subscribers who had never had issues, but now getting sudden crashes due to the new phone app  

Phone app problems

Geoffrey Easton
Friday at 10:59



Is there some problem with the iPhone app? I do my Zwifting on a big screen linked to a laptop and use the iPhone app to allow me to change direction etc. The last couple of rides the map display with control buttons doesn’t appear on the iPhone; it picks up the fact I am riding but nothing more. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app without luck.

Hopefully zwift will look into this. So far there has been no mention of a problem. 

J ust Sayin issue is different then yours.

From what I see on these forums it does not appear to be an issue for that many users. I have had zero issues after the update.

Were Windows Updates being downloaded and/or installed during the time of the crashes? Is it still crashing? What are the specs of your computer? Is the video drivers up to date? 

I don’t think the ZCA can crash your Zwift app running on your PC.

Can you post more info on your setup and maybe the forum users can assist you can resolving the issue you are having.

You are posting issues that are complete different and trying to call them the same. That last one could be cause issues within the users home network.

Also, it looks like you are able to complete rides of over 1 hour  all the way to almost 2 1/2 hours lately. 

Are you still having issues?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

Here are my specs. iMAC OS El Capitan, iMAC (Retina 5k, 27 inch) Processor 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, Memory 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, Graphics AMD Raeon R9 M380 2048 MB

I use ant+ and have a Powertap G3 Hub

I don’t agree that this is not a problem being experienced by many users. 3 out of the 4 athletes I coach have had this issue over exactly the same time frame (since new phone app/update) and it looks like no-one had had any issues before that. I have crashed 8 times and all of them have been either opening the app, or trying to use the app. I’ve sent all the crash reports in and the last crash was last night. I was lucky enough to never have a single issue for over 5200 miles of riding and running and suddenly, the day after update, this is happening. Like I mentioned in my opening post, I’m going to try to experiment riding with the phone app uninstalled and see if I get any crashes. That might be the best way to figure this out.

Paul, re your question about my rides. You are seeing either partial rides or the ones where I did not crash. I didn’t say that I’m crashing on every ride. Some are fine. On the rides that crash I sometimes have the ride saved to and some are partial. Some of them lose all data and none of the crashed rides save any data at all, to my Training Peaks or Strava.  I’ve started recording my rides on my watch, knowing that they may not be saved.

 And Paul, your assumption that I am posting other users issues and calling them the same, is not true. Yes, they could be network/unrelated issues, but they all mention the phone app and that could be the cause.  So all I was trying to do there is point out the recent similarities in other peoples issues. 

having same issues since the last update with my zwift . the application is just closing after 80min. Loosing my everest challenge progress and merging the files for trainingpeaks manually is pretty annoying.

my win 10 event manager gives me the following error:

name of the faulty modul :  ntdll.dll  

errorcode: 0xc0000374


Yes, agreed that not getting Everest credit after a long ride is just salt in the wound, after seeing nothing in Training Peaks also. Were you also having zero issues, up until that update?

I have been unable to even manually upload ride data after the crashes - occasionally I see partial rides on, but the rest is lost.

first time it happend to me was march the 17th. 3 days after the Zwift Companion 2.2.0 release. 

This is happening to me as well and even though I submitted a ticket, Zwift keeps saying “Please check out this article for further troubleshooting of your Zwift Companion app” even though I told them I had already checked all of the troubleshooting articles already. 

I have a support person continuing with the ticket I submitted. She has not been able to identify the issue yet, but said that zwift is aware of some crashes that have hopefully been resolved with the update on the 28th. The person helping me is doing their best to figure this out and the communication has been very good. I rode and ran successfully, twice, since the 28th update without the companion app and had no issues - this is hopefully just a coincidence and I plan on zwifting the next few times with the app to see if all is good. So Winnie and M onkas, if you haven’t already done so, try reinstalling zwift on all of your devices and see if that and the latest update fixes things.

Giving you a small updates. I submitted a ticket and they told me to upgrade my drivers of my onboard grafikcard. Well im using a gtx 1070 running every game without a problem.

I was doin a few workouts without the companion app and had 0 issues. Today i was using the app for 1min after a 90min ride and it crashed after 30sec.  

I started zwift again and started the companion app … it crashed again.

Thanks - I’m not surprised. I’m now convinced that it’s the app causing the crashes. I’ve ridden 4 more times (on top of the 2 mentioned above) and ran twice since not using the app and have not had an issue. Really don’t need the app anyway so it’s not worth the hassle.

The timing of the app update and the issues that we started having seem obvious. Some of my crashes were exactly when I opened the app, while riding on my Mac. My only guess is that they have not figured out a solution yet or are figuring it is only affecting an insignificant number of prescribers for their business model. So, the advice that I have given a couple of my athletes who are having the same issue is, don’t open the app when you’re riding. But, let me know if anything changes, for you!

Happening to me as well. Twice in the last three or so weeks in a workout, with the companion app running on the new workout screen. In my crash today the workout suddenly went into pause mode on screen and in the companion app right before the crash without me pressing it.

Zwift has been very stable for me for months before this. Nothing has changed with my system or setup in months either. It also doesn’t seem to happen in group rides, events or the odd free ride I do.

Hi All,

I have the same issue. Do you know if a case is opened on Zwift side to track the resolution?