Problem with recent update

Downloaded the recent update on Feb 27, 2020. Restarted computer, loaded Zwift, and everything seemed fine. However, on my last two rides, the game manages to work fine during the rides, but when its time to save and exit, the game stops responding, and basically crashes!

I didn’t have this problem before the update!

Now, I have managed to use the fitfilestool to salvage my data for the purpose of Strava/Garmin, but I have lost 50+ km of in-game data, which means a loss of XP, sweat points, ride challenge completion, etc.

Has anyone else had this problem since the update?

Hey Zwift, what’s the deal with this???

You were able to get further than me. I put the latest update on my Mac yesterday. Completed a session and now today I Zwift crashes when it is loading every time. I can’t start Zwift at all on my Mac.

Yeah, it’s really frustrating since I want to start doing some climbing routes, but am afraid this will continue to happen. Contacted support directly, and they advised me to send the contents of my logs folder. Waiting on response!

Same problem; attempting to upgrade on Windows 10. No progress in the launcher’s update page after 30 minutes. Using Launcher 1.0.50. Have reverted to iphone app for now ;-(

Successful upgrade after reinstalling the launcher.

I was able to get Zwift to work after following the steps that were given for reinstalling without loosing your data. This was provided in another post about Zwift crashing on Macs.
Hopefully that will help you like it helped me.
I am disappointed that it was crashing. As a developer, that is not the way that I would want an app to handle an issue, but at least I am back using my desktop again.