Crashing during the ride

Hi all,
During past few weeks I had the same troubles. On different rides/routes etc.
The app crashed right now without any simillarities. In zwift companion I had always some semi-reports from those rides.
It was saved like 10m 10s or 30m 3s or 40m 4s rides. Do you know anybody what happend. I use zwift with the same Mac for few years and that is something new.
Thank you Martin

I don’t use a Mac and though I’ve not had any crashing on my own PC, you’re not alone in having unusual/unexpected issues on the most recent game update. Hard to pin down what could be causing it, but this particular version of the game isn’t performing as I expect, with seemingly a lot more load on the CPU. It’s possible that this behaviour is causing your system to actually crash.

I’m sorry this reply doesn’t really offer any help, other than to say that I don’t think it’s anything you’ve done wrong or can control. Just have to hope the next update resolves it.

Hi @_Martin_Soucek

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With this, I take it that there’s no discernable pattern that you’ve observed and that the app crashes are occurring at random during your rides, is that correct?

My first suggestion would be that you try the troubleshooting steps as mentioned in our related article.

If that doesn’t help, our tech support team will likely need to examine your computer specs, your log files, and your Mac-specific crash logs.

  1. To send us your log files, please see this article. Please do not send us the .fit files, and only send the log.txt files.
  2. To send us your Computer Specs, see this article.
  3. To send us your Mac-specific crash logs, please see this article. Specifically, the section you’re looking for is entitled, “Zwift’s Crash Error Screen is Closed”, which is towards the very bottom of the article. There should be 13 steps you can follow to send us the crash log.

You can contact us here.

Thank you Steven, I will send you all necessary docs and logs.
Best regards

Thank you Dave anyway. agree with you, hopefully the next update resolves that. Martin