Crashed twice and rider paused heaps

just updated again…
ride crashed twice and lost all data, rider kept pausing for a second or 3 .
only been a problem since the new UI update.
Mac book air 13 (14)
8 GB
Graphics Intel HD 5000 1536 MB

Getting really pi88ed off with teh game now, looking at other options

anyone else?

Hi @Derrick_Murray

I get why you’d be dissatisfied after getting app crashes and I know they’re no fun. Due to the various different causes of app crashes, without more information it’s hard to say why Zwift is crashing on your Mac.

I noticed that you’ve written in to Zwift support for help and that your issue was escalated to our Tier 2 tech support team. We’ll get you a response as soon as possible and I appreciate your patience. Thanks!

not helpful at all. told me to stop my iCloud sync on my Macs.
Thats my job, Why do i need to cause myself grief to work around your games issue?
I’ll be looking at altenatives

Hi @Derrick_Murray

Sounds like you’ve had a rough go of it. In most cases the app won’t crash, but I can see that your issue seems fairly technical and there’s now what appears to be an error code 115 when you’re attempting to update or install the app.

You’ve been provided with quite a bit of troubleshooting from our team (to no avail), but we do have further points of escalation if necessary.

I’ll do my best to get some attention on your support inquiry. I appreciate your continued patience.